Kings of Con Series: Matt Cohen, Kim Rhodes, Gil McKinney & More Share Favorite Moments

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Welcome to part 4, in our Kings of Con series (We’ve got a surprise finale for you tomorrow!) You can read part 1, an introduction to Kings of Con here, part 2, our staff’s favorite moments here, and part 3, fans’ favorite moments here.

In this part, cast and crew members from the show told us what their favorite moments from filming were. We hear from Matt Cohen, Kim Rhodes, Gil McKinney, Osric Chau, Mandy Musgrave, Laurie Fortier, Billy Moran, Carly Nykanen and Tina Densmore! See their favorite moments below!

Matt Cohen (Matt Cochran)

“I completely loved doing the scene where Rob kisses my wife (Mandy Musgrave). Not the part of Rob kissing my wife, but the monologue that I get to do before that. I just had a really good time being in a scene with both Rich and Rob and being able to deliver Rob‘s writing and to be directed by Rich. To this day it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on set.”


Mandy Musgrave (Stella)

“It was absolutely the most comfortable and hilarious projects that I have been apart of. Just a bunch of handsome, passionate, brilliant dorks creating genius.”


Gil McKinney (Chip)

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching Josh Meyers attempt to eat plate after plate of potatoes au gratin! My favorite moment as Chip was definitely crashing the sweet 16 party.”


Laurie Fortier (The Bearded Superfan)

“My favorite moment was in ep 2 Whippany, NJ Still Whipping. The Huge Janus line, which is suppose to sound like ‘huge anus’. Rob and Rich kept making me crack me up. Not to mention, I was in full beard. Love those guys. I had a blast. I’d go full beard for those two anytime.”



Kim Rhodes (Sue)

“The short answer [of my favorite moment] is biting Rob’s lip. I have a longer answer [but not enough time] that’s much more respectful about collaboration and the joy of working with geniuses who know you that you trust.”


Osric Chau (Osric)

“On most projects, you make a few best friends by the end of it. With Kings of Con, we started the project being best friends with everyone. It’s such a rare and wonderful treat.”


Billy Moran (Louden Swain)

“Aside from the dirty guitar parts heard throughout, 😉 I really loved watching Josh Meyers own the Kent O’Grady character. He killed it!”


Carly Nykanen (Handler Beth)

“Kings of Con was such a special experience in so many ways: the cast was insanely talented and kind, Rob and Rich made everyone feel so loved and appreciated, Tina and Elly [producers] are literal angels on Earth, the crew was obviously talented but also SO FUNNY, and in a perfect world, I’d be a “Social Maven” on Kings of Conversation every Tuesday night til the end of time. But my favorite moment might be from Episode 2 when Rob is pouring his heart out to “Handler Beth.” I showed up on set, introduced to Rob for the first time, and within 30 minutes we were filming a scene where he was standing absurdly close while whispering all his insecurities to me. It being my first day on set, I wanted to present myself as professional, but we both couldn’t stop giggling. Luckily, “Handler Beth” came off sufficiently unamused in the scene. I don’t think I’ll ever work another job as special as Kings of Con.”


Tina Densmore (Producer)

“I joined Kings if Con as an outsider. I didn’t know much about Rob & Rich, Supernatural, the world of fandom, any of it. I liked the script and thought it’d be a fun project and so I said yes. I’ll never forget our first meeting, the guys won me over instantly and they were so passionate about the project and the world they were creating and I couldn’t help but respect how adamant they were that we were never ever to make fun of fans – that’s not what this show was. Looking back now two years later I can’t pick a favorite moment, and trust me I know how cliche that sounds…but what we did was special. Its such a lucky thing when you get to work on a project with amazing creators and then have a family formed from that. We were trapped in a hotel together, working long hours, getting very little sleep for over a month, and we loved every second of what we were doing. It’s the classic “Even on our worst days I could step back and say, ‘but look at what we get to do as our jobs!” And trust me there weren’t very many days when we needed reminding of that.

What I can tell you is what I miss the most. I miss the moments sitting at the monitor with Rob and Rich trying to hold in our laughter so our sound mixer Armando doesn’t have to yell at us for ruining a take. I miss showing up to work an hour early to run through every scene with the guys and our DP Mark Evans. I miss grabbing a beer every night to recap the day, because even after 12 long hours of shooting we weren’t ready to leave each other and wanted to plan the next day to make sure this project came out the best it possibly could. I miss being a part of the magic that is Rob and Rich’s world, there’s no other word for it. Rob and Rich bring the magic and it’s infectious. That’s how we got our amazing cast and crew. That’s why still, 2 years later we have incredible fans calling for . That’s why every day I hold out hope today is the day I get the call from the guys saying, “Time to start Season 2. Let’s Wolfstone.” And let me just say, as someone who started off as an outsider and has transformed into a full fledged insider of the world of Rob and Rich, I’m really looking forward to that call.”

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