Monday, May 23, 2022

Kings of Con Series: Fans’ Favorite Moments and Why They Love ‘Kings of Con’

Welcome to part 3 of our Kings of Con series! You can read part 1, an introduction to Kings of Con here and part 2, our staff’s favorite moments, here.

In Part 3, we’re showing fan responses! Fans really loved this show, and there was a common theme among the reasons why: the show doesn’t use the fans as the joke. It would be an easy way for laughs, but fans really respected the way Rob/Rich and the entire cast and crew treated the fans with respect and it spoke volumes.

Read through the tweets below to see the fans favorite moments and why they loved the show so much.

Favorite Moments

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Why They Love ‘Kings of Con’


It’s easy to see fans love this show. They quote it. They make gifs of it. They throw their support behind Rob, Rich, and the entire cast and crew.

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