Review: Quantum Mechanix’s Dean Winchester 1:6 Scale Figure

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When Quantum Mechanix (makers of most excellent fandom collectibles) revealed the prototypes for their new line of Supernatural 1:6 scale figures at New York Toy Fair 2018, my excitement hit an all-time high.

Dean with his Colt M1911A1 pistol

One thing that has always irked me about Supernatural merchandise is that no one had gotten around to making posable action figures for the series, in any scale. The closest we have to figures are the Funko Pops of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Charlie, Crowley, Baby, and Bobby, and the Greenlight non-posable figures that come with their 1:18 scale Impala replica.

So seeing Dean and Sam Winchester and Castiel in fully-realized posable form was exciting for me as a long-time fan of both Supernatural and articulated action figures.

QMX is the company behind well-made collectibles for a variety of properties, including FireflyStar Trek, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future. They are also the ones who created the absolutely adorable Q-Plush toys of Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley and Coach Dean and the striking Mini Masters figures of Dean and Sam.

The first in the line, Dean Winchester was released last month and almost immediately was in my shopping cart and on his way home to me.

From the outside of the box to the figure inside, everything about this figure is incredibly detailed. The figure comes in a box with a slip cover and both the cover and box feature a dark blue color grading and iconography from the show, such as the anti-possession sigil tattoo and the Heptagram Devil’s Trap (first introduced in the season one episode “Devil’s Trap” and used to trap the demon Meg, played by Nicki Aycox), and the back of the slip cover features the church from the season 8 finale “Sacrifice,” which was also part of the season 9 poster. The slip cover design choice feels a bit odd though, given that the figure inside is “Season 10 Dean Winchester”.

Dean with nine interchangeable hands and the First Blade

Dean and his accessories are showcased in all their glory through a wide plastic window in the box. He comes with nine interchangeable hands, most of which are designed to hold one of his four weapons (his Colt M1911A1, his Winchester shotgun, the First Blade, and his Purgatory Blade). There are also basic hand shapes as well, like fists. The hands are made from a relatively pliable plastic, making it easy to insert the weapons. The hands attach and detach at the wrist via a plug, so be careful with pulling on and off his hands.

In addition to his weapons of choice, the figure also comes with his watch (set to “killing time” as QMX puts it on their website) and his green duffle bag with a real working zipper and space for at least the Colt and First Blade inside. He is dressed in his traditional hunting garb, dark denim jeans, leather-esque hunting boots (with real laces), black t-shirt, maroon overshirt, and blue canvas jacket. The clothes are also removable (if anyone wants to give Dean his Fed suit or his iconic Coach Dean shorts), and are well-crafted as well (the belt is an ACTUAL belt, not just sewn in like on a Barbie).

One caveat: the laces appear to be slightly glued, so be careful when removing them. And yes, before you ask, the Dean figure does sport the anti-possession sigil tattoo on his chest, but unfortunately, despite the figure being marketed and packaged as season 10 Dean with the First Blade, he does not have the Mark of Cain on his arm, one of my few criticisms about the figure itself.

Dean with his Winchester shotgun and duffle bag with real working zipper!

The figure features more than 30 points of articulation, allowing for dynamic hunting poses. He bends at the wrists, ankles, hips, stomach, shoulders, and neck, with double joints at the knees and elbows. He also features actor Jensen Ackles’ signature bow legs. The head sculpt on this figure is INSANE. From his clean cut and styled hair to the well-defined cheekbones to his “fanfiction green” eyes that actually catch the light and sparkle with the semblance of life, the sculpt is a dead ringer for Ackles and the artist should take several bows. According to QMX’s website, each head sculpt is hand-painted as well.

While Dean does come with a stand which sports the anti-possession sigil on the base, he stands pretty well on his own two feet without it, something that I always look for and appreciate in these scale figures. In his basic standing pose, he is balanced and able to stand without aid, which for me is a mark of a well-designed figure.

As both a collector of action figures and of QMX products (I am in love with their Captain Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 scale figure as well), this figure exceeded my expectations, despite the omission of the Mark of Cain and odd box art choices. While the figure is not cheap (it retails at $199.95 through QMX), the level of loving and meticulous detail on all levels of this figures made it well worth the cost to me.

If Dean marks the beginning of a new line of Supernatural 1:6 scale figures, I cannot wait to add Sam and Castiel to my ever-growing QMX collection.

The Dean Winchester figure is available now for order on QMX’s website. They also provide links to licensed QMX dealers for international buyers.






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