Who is Anael: A closer look at Danneel Ackles’ Character Sister Jo in ‘Supernatural’


Last Thursday on Supernatural, we were introduced to Sister Jo, aka Anael (portrayed by Danneel Ackles), a business-savvy angel making a name for herself in the human world. While we got to see quite a bit of her, we still know very little about her. We know that she pushed a button in heaven, looks out for herself, and seemingly regenerates grace at an exceptional pace, but who is she really? I decided to go digging and see what theology says about this cunning angel.

Anael is actually the angel of love and romance. Therefore, I find it interesting that Lucifer meets her right after killing a cupid. The writers could have had him killing any angel. It could have been just some random Joe Schmoe, but no. It’s a cupid, a love angel.

The name Anael has an uncertain meaning, but possibilities have included: Answers from God, joy or pleasure, and, my personal favorite interpretation – to shine, or be bright. I like how that relates to Lucifer who is known as “bringer of light.”

Anael “could” be an archangel. There is debate about how many archangels there are and who they were. However, Anael has been listed as one of seven. Lucifer is not listed anywhere as an archangel, though we know in canon he is. Seems like there could be more that have simply not been mentioned.

I do think, however, that Lucifer would have known she was an archangel if she was. He probably would have even made a snarky comment about it. She did say, though, that she was a “premium” angel. It is not said what makes her such a better angel for Lucifer to siphon from, but he does seem to acknowledge that she is.

In theology, it is reputed that Anael is a daughter of Michael. However, that is said to be unlikely since she is an angel of creation, all of which were made by God. When has “likelihood” ever impeded SPN writers, though? If she is the daughter of Michael, it would make sense then that she would consider herself a “premium” angel. Lucifer would perhaps even be able to assimilate her grace better. Also, if she were, it would seem Lucifer is unaware of her ties to Michael. I doubt the fact that she could be his niece would stop Lucifer from using her though.

What if Anael is using Lucifer to either A.) find a way to get her father out of the pit, or B.) to find a way to help the otherworld Michael? 

It would make sense for why she sided with Lucifer over Castiel and the Winchesters. They are the ones who are responsible for Michael being where he is.

However, there are at this moment, at least five or six other plots currently trying to be moved through, so who know’s if this will be one.  However, Anael does need a reason to be doing the things she is doing and we know that family is the all-encompassing theme of Supernatural.

Whatever is happening, whatever Anael’s motives, we won’t know anything for sure until Supernatural returns from its Olympics enforced hiatus on March 1st.


Crystal joined the Nerds and Beyond team in 2018. Three years earlier, she tripped into the Supernatural fandom and decided to stay. It's where her passion for writing was reborn. Her free time is largely centered around creative writing (okay, it's fanfic), providing editing for others, and binging makeover shows. The DC Universe is her other fandom of choice and she lives for the crossover extravaganzas. The main joy in her life is her young son whom she homeschools and takes to Disney World as often as possible.

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