Why ‘Supernatural’ Will Be the Show We Miss the Most When It Ends

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In last week’s episode of Supernatural, “The Memory Remains“, the final scene of the episode shows Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the Men of Letters bunker. They have a conversation where they talk about how they’re going to be remembered, if they’re going to be remembered. The two talk about how “the people they saved” would be their legacy and how they’ll remember them and that it’s fine if they eventually fade away, because “they left the world better than how they found it.” Dean then takes out his pocket knife, and carves the letters “DW” into the table, while Sam carves “SW”.

This part of the episode got us thinking that we’re just really going to miss Supernatural when it ends. While I know it was the characters reflecting on their lives and how they’ll be remembered, it’s almost echoed in how the show will be remembered.

Supernatural is a show that’s been on for twelve seasons (already planned for thirteen) and one that’s been ingrained into everyone’s lives. People have grown up watching this show. People have had families and introduced their children to this show. It’s something that, looking back, has been a major part of many people’s lives.

Supernatural started out with two brothers – Sam and Dean – and has grown into a phenomenon. What started as a small show with two actors from previous WB shows – Gilmore Girls and Smallville – soon turned into a staple for The CW. The show began winning awards at the Constellation Awards, Leo Awards, SFX Awards, TV Guide Awards and has gone on to win eight People’s Choice Awards.

We’ll miss seeing Sam and Dean on screen every week, fighting demons, ghosts, or many of the various things they have fought over the past few years. We’ll miss the fun episodes, where we see the Jensen and Jared show their comedic timing and we’ll miss the episodes that Jared and Jensen show how much as actors they’ve grown.

We’ll miss Misha Collins as Castiel, whom we’ve loved ever since he set foot onto the screen. We’ll miss Mark Sheppard as Crowley, who is the character we all love to hate.

We’ll miss seeing the incredible talents of actors such as Kim Rhodes, Ruth Connell, Samantha Smith (whom at the time of writing this have not had their characters die yet). We’ll miss getting introduced to some strong and wonderful characters, as well as finding out the about actors behind them. (We also love the characters who have previously been on the show, but they have been gone for a while.)

We’ll miss the iconic Baby, who is a character loved so much that there was an episode dedicated to it.

The crew has also been so interactive with the fans and the show. We love seeing all the behind-the-scenes bits and the unseen-but-not-unnoticed hard work they put in every single day.

It’s a show where many different people can bond over the characters, the actors, the episodes and much more. It means much more to everyone than just a television show – it’s a family. While there may be disagreements within that family, the majority support each other in ways that are only unique to that fandom.
People come together from all over the world to see the actors at Supernatural conventions, which draws thousands of people each year to interact with the actors and make friends from all of those who enjoy the same show.

It’s going to be a weird day when Supernatural is no longer making new episodes. It’s going to be weird seeing another show in their time slot, and no new stories for these characters.

There’s no doubt that this show will be remembered. It’s one that has touched many people’s lives. As Sam and Dean talk about “the people they saved” you can’t help but think of the actors’ various Charity campaigns – from Always Keep Fighting, You Are Not Alone and SPN Family Love to Rock God, Wayward Daughters and Random Acts. This show and these actors have saved many lives and they have without a doubt, made the world better than how they found it.

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