Thursday, September 29, 2022

Are James and Oliver Phelps Making a Television Show?

FANDOMHARRY POTTERAre James and Oliver Phelps Making a Television Show?

At last year’s Mega Convention in Florida, James and Oliver Phelps (most known as the Weasley Twins – Fred and George – in Harry Potter) were asked about any upcoming projects. At the time, Oliver stated that they were meeting with three big production companies during the next week about a television show idea that they had. Oliver stated the show would be in the United States.

Today, Oliver shared a photo in Instagram of himself and James with the caption “A new project coming soon. #TwinCities”. Could this be related to the television show that they had teased last year.. and is it titled “Twin Cities”? Not sure. However, both James and Oliver have been spending a lot of time in the US lately, in many various cities. Not many details are known at this point – whether if this is for the show and if it is, if it’s scripted or reality. Hopefully we’ll hear more updates soon.

A new project coming soon. #TwinCities

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You can watch the video of Oliver and James below, they start talking about the show around the 0:20 mark.

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