‘Wine and Comics’ Podcast Celebrates 100th Episode!


Aug. 3 was episode 100 for the podcast Wine and Comics which is hosted by Topher Harless and Meghan Fitzmartin. Aside from talking about volume one of New Frontier, the current comic on the reading list, there was also a look back at some of the soundbites and bits over the podcast’s previous 99 episodes.

The first episode aired in May of 2015 and as the title states, Harless and Fitzmartin drink some inexpensive wine and discuss all things Marvel, DC, TV, movie and comic book related.  It is not only informative but comedic.  Here is the introduction that is on their website:

“Wine and Comics is the show where nerds and boxed wine come together to tell stories, explain comic history, and help you relate to coworkers who won’t quit talking about someone named, “Joss Whedon.”

Topher Harless is a DC nerd, a comedian, and he’s gotten really good at embarrassing himself.
Meghan is a Marvel geek, a writer, and her love language is sarcastic quips and physical violence.”

New Frontier was created by Darwyn Cooke with the backdrop being after WWII when a new threat appears, so new and veteran heroes will have to work together to defeat it.  The next Wine and Comics podcast will be on volume two.

This is a great podcast and I can’t wait for episode 200 and beyond.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or watch when they record their show on Friday nights after 8:00 pm PST, on Facebook live through their Facebook page.



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