Ben Barnes Joins Alex Zane on ‘A Trip to the Movies’ Podcast

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British television presenter and D.J. Alex Zane has a podcast that movie buffs will love! A Trip to the Movies is a weekly podcast where a celebrity takes listeners on their perfect night out at the movies. Zane talks them through choices like who would join them, theater snacks, seat selection, and movie choice.

In the latest episode, the talented Ben Barnes joined Zane to have a chat about his favorite movies along with his recent cameo on Black Mirror, Shadow and Bone, and why he enjoys playing psychopaths.

Zane starts the podcast off with Barnes discussing how he has been on a trend lately of playing the dark, brooding, manipulative characters. Going from playing many of what Barnes affectionally calls, “boy with sword” roles to the darker side of humanity. Barnes expressed a desire to be connected to more honest roles as he grows older instead of constantly playing the manipulative liar type, blaming the 80’s quest movies he grew up on for some of the fight he has.

Entering the virtual movie theater, Barnes reveals he is a whisperer when it comes to watching movies. Fans will learn he prefers a later showtime, and M&Ms with his popcorn. Zane prompts Barnes to take a walk down movie memory lane discussing favorites and unpopular movie opinions. Some of the favorite moments come when Banes talks about experiencing The Lion King in an American theater as a child, and his revelation that Sister Act 2 is a masterpiece. When asked what line in a film had a lasting effect on him, he will win over Harry Potter fans with his answer.

Barnes also speaks about a moment when some improvising, or rather a lack of it on his part, left Robin Williams giggling. Superman fans will love that Barnes picks the theme by John Williams as one of the best uses of music in cinema, and as for the question of what film Barnes chose to show fans in his perfect night at the movies, well … you will just have to listen to find out!

If you would like to listen to this charming and entertaining episode of A Night at the Movies With Alex Zane, it can be found here. Also, listeners can check out Zane and sections of the podcast on YouTube.

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