Upcoming Crossplay Beta, New Playable Characters, & Launch Window Announced for ‘The First Descendant’

The New Trailer Debuted at Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Inviting Descendants to the Beta in August Before Fully Launching Later This Year

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At the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, NEXON Korea unveiled details for an upcoming cross-platform beta test for their action RPG shooter The First Descendant.

In The First Descendant, players become a Descendant whose mission is to combat against alien invaders, The Vulgus, who crossed dimensions over 100 years ago and brought with them the devastating Colossuses and destruction – for the survival of humanity and to protect Albion and the continent of Ingris. Players will encounter spectacular stories as they grow stronger through various missions and raids to finally discover the Descendants’ secret. Cooperation is crucial as players team up with one another in strategic 4-player boss fights where teamwork and tactics are key. New equipment, materials, and items obtained through a myriad of missions and boss fights will contribute players’ character development.

Players of The First Descendant will have the opportunity to play as two never before seen characters showcased in the new gameplay trailer: Valby and Kyle. The full roster is made up of fascinating characters, each with their own unique combat and battle styles, such as water skills and flying or magnetic abilities, and distinctive character concepts. Valby and Kyle boost the list of playable styles, systems, and more, as 13 characters will be available during the upcoming beta. 

Developer NEXON Games has been working to apply much of the feedback provided by players during the game’s first play tests, allowing much requested features such as dynamic character customization via the brand new cosmetic system and skill modifications, a new way to traverse the land via a grappling hook, new quality of life elements, and much more.

Here are just some of the new additions and updates coming to The First Descendant crossplay beta on August 22:

  • New and Updated Content
    • New Single Player / Co-Op Stories and Missions
    • New characters, improved grappling hook and more
  • Introduction of crossplay across Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • New customization features – new cosmetic system, unique skins and character skill modifications
  • Better Gameplay Experience
    • Updated UI, UX and QoL elements
    • Upgraded server and game performance
    • Updated jump motion and gun sound effects
    • Quality audio design in collaboration with Stephen Barton, globally renowned composer of Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Star Trek Picard and more.
  • Up to four players can team up for new giant boss raids against the Colossuses

Enlisting Descendants can register for the upcoming crossplay beta playtest for The First Descendant by visiting http://tfd.nexon.com/crossplay-beta. Players can also now wishlist The First Descendant via the Xbox Game Store, PlayStation Store, and Steam for PC.

Check out the trailer below!

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