‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Alouette”

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Daryl, Sylvie, Laurent, and Isabelle flee to northern France when they encounter “The Nest.” Keep reading for everything that happens in episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon “Alouette”.

The Nest

Daryl Sylvie Laurent and Isabella are on their path when they get captured by a neighboring community, The Nest. Once deemed safe, Daryl tricks them into getting medicine from someone nearby that has stolen supplies from the communities. He tells Lou that if they get the medicine, they can save Madame Dubois from her illness. Really, he just needs another horse. Lou accompanies Daryl on the trip, but he tricks her into going to a room that he locks her inside to keep her safe while he goes to fetch supplies and the horse.

Once he’s in, he encounters one of The Nest’s own, Herisson, and the “La Tarasque” (lizard), who they tie up, intending on bringing him back to The Nest. Unfortunately, they lose some of their supplies, so Daryl tries to reinforce their carrier. He loses balance and drags the man down with him right into a swarm of walkers. Daryl fights out of it, but the man, hanging from the bridge, gets his guts torn to pieces. Julien, who was out on a trip for the community, has also turned, leaving Daryl to shoot an arrow at him and put him out of his misery. When they return to The Nest, it’s already too late — Madame Dubois has died. Daryl admits he only went to get the horse; the meds were never going to help her. Lou contemplates what she’s going to do next when Daryl tells her she has to lead the community, they trust her, and he believes she can do it.

Isabelle’s Past

Throughout the episode there are flashes of Isabelle’s life before the apocalypse, including where she was the night the infection broke out in Paris. Out at a nightclub, Isabelle got her hands on a man’s very expensive watch after a few drinks and fled the scene to go home. While waiting for the tube, she saw mass hysteria inside with people running and trying to get out. She started running and found herself on the streets of Paris with walkers all around chasing after people and killing them. Quinn arrives and helps her get out, taking her to her apartment so she can pack a bag. Isabelle doesn’t want to leave her sister behind (who we later find out is pregnant).

They pack into a car but Lily needs to stop to throw up. Quinn admits they can’t take her with them in that condition. Where they are headed is secluded — there are no “baby” doctors. However, he will make sure she gets the help she needs. Isabelle “agrees,” which is really just her pocketing his keys to steal his car. Isabelle gets her to a church to deliver the baby, but Lily ends up succumbing to childbirth in the process. They rush to get the baby out as Lily turns into a walker.

Codron’s Mission

Codron returns to the scene to find out more about who Daryl is and where he may be headed. He listens to the tape recording detailing where he’s from in America, finds photos of a baby in a journal, and comes across the map that has Paris circled — their original destination.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs new episodes Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC and AMC+.

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