Disney Releases First Character Posters From ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’

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Disney+’s upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is one of their most highly anticipated shows at the moment, and thanks to SDCC fans have gotten something special this weekend in the form of the first character posters. Handed out for among other specialty merch for the show at the convention, the trio of gorgeous posters introduces the show’s core characters.

The first of the trio features Walker Scobell in his role as the series’ titular character Percy Jackson. In the poster Percy is holding his sword “Riptide” looking ready for a fight while icons of his godly parent, Poseidon, create an intricate frame along the bottom of the poster.

The next poster offers a glimpse at Leah Sava Jefferies’ Annabeth Chase. Jefferies absolutely shines in this poster as everyone’s favorite daughter of Athena, and wielding her knife, she looks ready to face whatever is headed her way, even as her mother’s owl frames her from below.

The final poster features Camp Half Blood employee, the satyr Grover Underwood. Originally tasked with protecting Percy until they can get him to camp, Grover quickly becomes Percy’s best friend and partner in his many adventures. Aryan Simhardi rocks his small horns in this poster while surrounded by classic satyr icons like curved horns and Pan pipes.

The thread of photos can be seen below on the series’ official Twitter. The release date for the show is still unknown, but be sure to check back with us here at Nerds & Beyond for all your Percy Jackson news.

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