‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “We Take a Zebra to Vegas”

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In episode 5 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Annabeth and Percy took an unexpected ride through an abandoned amusement park to retrieve the shield of Ares and secure safe transportation, all while friendships continue to develop between the three and Percy continues to embrace his power. In episode 6:

“Percy, Annabeth, and Grover must resist the alluring draw of a casino that feels outside of time.”

This time when Percy dreams it is set in an office — this time, the man is reprimanding the unseen lightning thief for allowing the Master Bolt to be taken and threatening the unknown person with being replaced. Percy seems to be watching the conversation from a closet and the man turns to look directly at him, addressing him as “little hero.” The man says it’s not time for them to meet quite yet and urges Percy to “run along” and show him what he’s capable of.

Percy wakes in the back of the semi to Grover and Annabeth using light and a crystal to create a rainbow on the wall so they can make an offering to Iris to speak to camp. Instead of reaching Chiron, they reach Luke and share with him that they believe Clarisse stole the Master Bolt. Percy says Chiron needs to arrest Clarisse and question her because there is something much larger going on, as was indicated by what he just saw in his dreams. Annabeth and Percy argue about the timeline of their quest so far which prompts Luke to ask when they turned into an old married couple.

Annabeth hangs up before Percy can ask Luke about his father, Hermes, revealing that the two don’t get along. Grover rejoins to share that the men driving the truck are traffickers, but the animals have an escape plan as long as someone can open their cages. Once the animals are unleashed on the streets, the trio make their way to the Lotus Hotel. Annabeth lays out their plan to stay focused, find Hermes, and continue their quest as soon as possible, and in recalling The Odyssey, Grover and Percy deduce the Lotus flowers should not be eaten. Ultimately, Grover splits from Percy and Annabeth so the group can cover more ground in their search for Hermes. Annabeth shares more on Luke’s past with his father and how she hopes to use the knowledge to their advantage when approaching Hermes.

Grover pursues a familiar Satyr — Augustus — asking if he remembers him and deciding he doesn’t when the older Satyr has no reaction, remarking he’s been eating the flowers. Grover recalls how much Augustus meant to his Uncle Ferdinand and shares his Uncle’s fate. Augustus says he’s found Pan … almost, and that the lost god is in the hotel. He asks Grover if he wants to help him finish the search.

Percy shares his increasingly scary dreams with Annabeth, including the most recent and how it felt different this time, and how he feels he was eavesdropping on the figure and the Lightning Thief. He also shares his anxiety toward the indication that the two in his dream appeared to be planning something bigger, and continues to show doubt that he’s the one who can handle all of this and make it right.

Augustus’ memory slips again and he offers Grover his snack, insisting they’re just nacho chips when Grover says he can’t eat the Lotus flowers. When Grover begins to ponder why Augustus is forgetting things if he’s not eating the flowers, his own memory slips and he forgets why he is in the casino and who he came with. Percy and Annabeth finally find Hermes, who is perfectly coy as he tells the pair of demigods that he won’t help them sneak into the Underworld but he will invite them to gamble, explaining how he already knows what they want.

“I exist beyond space and time, kid. Why do you think they put me in charge of delivering the mail?”

Though at first he continues to say he won’t help, his answer changes quickly when Annabeth states they’re friends of Luke’s. Hermes displays his grasp on time and space by seamlessly teleporting the three of them into a more relaxed setting, inviting them to have a seat. Hermes recalls that Annabeth was present the last time he saw Luke, Annabeth recalling herself what Luke said to his father. Hermes then confirms he does know a way into the Underworld but insists they don’t want his help, sharing how in the past his “help” has harmed those around him … including Luke and his mother.

“Do you know what that feels like? To be so close to someone you love, knowing neither of you has any choice but to keep hurting each other?”

When Hermes leans forward and places a hand on Percy, he forces a brief flashback to what appears to be a bad day for Percy, offering to do the same for Annabeth who is quick to pull away before he can, saying she remembers just fine. Hermes continues to say that he won’t help them sneak into the Underworld, which makes Annabeth, frustrated with the wasted time, leave. Percy continues to talk to Hermes for a moment and the god shares it was Poseidon that warned him to stay away from Luke and his mother, sharing that Poseidon struggles with having to stay away from his son. Percy doesn’t understand why his father offered to meet him in Santa Monica if he thinks it’ll make things worse.

“It is very hard for a god to feel powerless. I guess we’re all just doing the best we can.”

Thanks to a hint from Hermes, Percy realizes time has been moving differently in the hotel/casino, which is confirmed when he rejoins Annabeth in the lobby and it’s dark outside — what’s felt like 20 minutes has been days, and it’s already Thursday. Thankfully, Annabeth stole the keys to Hermes’ car. Percy also shares that Hermes told him they pump Lotus fruit into the air which makes everyone fall under its memory effects, and that the god also reminded Percy there was something else they needed to do before they left.

When they see Augustus, he sparks their memory of Grover and the two question him about where their friend is, immediately entering into a chase. Ultimately, they find Grover using a virtual reality set to look for Pan, his memories clearly very altered as he doesn’t remember his two best friends. Though Grover is confused, the trio joins up again and heads to the parking garage to find Hermes’ car — a classic yellow taxi. He left a note “to the dumb kids” with instructions on how to utilize the car and how to find the backdoor to the Underworld. Through trial and a lot of error, Percy is able to drive the taxi through the garage to the exit.

Just before they can be hit by an incoming semi, the taxi is teleported to Santa Monica beach. Now that they’re away from the hotel Grover’s memory has also returned. Percy sets off to meet his dad in the ocean, but it’s not his father who meets him. Since the Summer Solstice passed earlier in the evening, Zeus’ timeline wasn’t met and Poseidon had to leave to prepare to war. The figure he speaks to tells him his father is proud and that it’s time for Percy to return to camp. Percy refuses, saying he will see the quest through because there is something worse coming.

“I have to keep going. If you can help, then you must help.”
“So willful — just like him. There is so much of him in you, we all see it.”

She provides Percy with four pearls that offer an escape from the Underworld — one for him, one each for his friends, and one for his mother.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians episodes 1 – 6 are available to stream now on Disney+. Our review for the premiere episodes can be read here, and additional coverage for the series including episodic recaps for the rest of the season can be found here.

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