‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “People Are a Resource”

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In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City, dark instincts reveal themselves as Maggie and Negan form a strategy. Meanwhile, Armstrong is tested by The Croat and Ginny embarks on a dangerous journey to find Negan. Keep reading for everything that happens in “People Are a Resource.”

Ginny’s Escape

In last week’s episode, Ginny ended up leaving the newly rebuilt Hilltop settlement to go find Negan. Throughout this episode, scenes from the past, Ginny’s “memories” flash on screen. Viewers learn just how important her stuffed dino is to her and her bond with Negan. “You have been sticking to me like god damn crazy glue. I turn my back for half a second and that’s when you decide to scadaddle?”

Ginny hitches a ride on an abandoned cooler and uses it to swim across the lake. Once she makes it to the other side, she’s trying to flee from the hoards of walkers. One of them grabs her leg and she tries to get away, in the process losing her dino again. She hears someone coming and goes to hide, watching as the kill the walkers and take her dino. She follows after them.

Ginny follows the mysterious person all the way to where Maggie and Negan are, even watching as Maggie dumps the dino into a barrel to light it on fire — but we never see her do it.

Maggie’s Emotion

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The group forms a plan to get in and out of the prison without being caught. Tomasso informs Maggie and Negan of the tunnel system and how he was able to get out by using it. Luther doesn’t think it’s a good idea and that they’re walking into their deaths. Maggie doesn’t care about any of that because she wants to find Hershel. Luther tells her he’s already dead and deep down she knows it. Negan steps in to tell everyone to take a breather and Maggie breaks down.

Later, Negan approaches her with a hat he found in the gift shop and offers it to her to give to Hershel when they find him, since he knows he was always wearing one like it. He also tells her if she needs to talk, contrary to popular belief, he can shut up on occasion. Maggie opens up about the last thing she said to Hershel before The Croat invaded. She asked him to go to the root cellar but with his typical teenage angst, he didn’t listen. Instead, he grabbed a shovel and a brick. She told him he was stupid and he told her to get off his back for once. That was the last thing they said to each other. All she has left of the people who meant something to her are inside a box.

Negan shares his own story about what happened to Annie and their child. Annie went into town for supplies once and when she didn’t come back by night fall, he knew something was wrong. He went out looking and found her bloody, beaten, and robbed. She begged him not to do anything stupid but he — of course — did just that. He found the men that hurt her. After that, life on the road was hard for Annie, so he put them on a wagon train and said he’d be right behind them. But he stayed back instead.

Forged in Blood

The group Maggie and Negan are sticking to are warming up to them, but not Luther. As it turns out, Luther had found the “Wanted” poster with Negan’s face on it inside of his things and told him he and Maggie have to leave. The problem? Negan says people are depending on him — but people are depending on Luther, too. Negan tries to sidestep him but Luther follows. Negan warns him again to move. He doesn’t want it to turn into something it doesn’t have to. Luther doesn’t listen, instead grabbing Negan and choking him. Negan swipes the grater he has been holding across Luther’s head and Luther falls flat on the ground, bleeding out everywhere. Negan puts him out of his misery and kills him.

Armstrong’s Capture

Armstrong is brought back to The Croat’s home based by him and his people. He gets handcuffed to a rail and after awhile, a man enters with two cloches. He turns the record player on and The Croat enters. He wants to know more about Armstrong and who he is, how many people there are with him. Armstrong refuses to talk so The Croat goes to eat the food under his dish but finds a maggot. The man who brought the food into the room is accused of trying to kill Croat by serving him rotten meat so he makes him swallow the key to Armstrong’s cuffs and then bangs his head against the rail, killing him.

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Later in the episode, Croat brings Armstrong down to the arena and drugs him. The guy Croat just killed enters the ring as a newly transformed walker and Armstrong manages to decapitate him with the handcuffs. He cuts him open and retrieves the key. As he does this, more walkers enter and Armstrong takes his shoe off to beat them down. Croat notices him fiddling with his shoes though and finds a letter from Armstrong’s family, reading it aloud. Armstrong is overcome with emotion and tells him to stop. He had two other men but now they’re dead. He’s just on the hunt for Negan. Croat looks as if he’s seen a ghost.

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