‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “La Dame de Fer”


In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Laurent finds himself in trouble of his own while Isabelle and Daryl make an attempt to negotiate with Quinn. Keep reading for everything that happens in “La Dame de Fer.”

Daryl’s in the Deep End

The episode begins with Daryl in a dream, trapped in a cell akin to the one Father Jean was trapped inside of when they were living at the Abbey. He’s shouting for Laurent, who he spots parting the walkers. When Daryl wakes, he finds himself underwater with a walker in his face. He emerges from the pool, trying to catch his breath.

Laurent’s in Trouble

Laurent finds himself at the Eiffel Tower with the picture of his mom in hand. He wants to get a closer look but there’s sand bags in the way. He sees movement on the other side and looks through a peep hole when a walker looks back at him. It signals the other walkers and they swarm him. As Daryl and Isabelle catch up to him and kill all the walkers in their way, Laurent hides under a sheet of metal. A walker comes by, crouching when someone stabs it in the head and rips the metal off of him. The man grabs Laurent and attempts to flee (they’re Quinn’s men, we later find out). Daryl manages to grab them but not before someone drives off with Laurent.

Walking Into Quinn’s Den

In order to get Laurent back from Quinn, Fallou and Emile alongside Sylvie, Daryl, and Isabelle formulate a plan to get inside the night club. While Fallou, Emile, and a few other members of The Nest are creating a diversion at the front door, Daryl will sneak through a trap door with one of Quinn’s men. While on watch, Anna says he hopes Laurent gets to go home soon. He asks if she even wants him there and she tells him she wants him where he is happiest. When Daryl arrives, Anna points a gun at him but tells them to leave. As Quinn is coming up the stairs realizing what they were doing, he comes face to face with Daryl and they fight atop the metal bridge. Daryl has the opportunity to kill him, but once he looks at Laurent he instead opts to knock him out.

Isabelle knows the only way to get Laurent out of Paris is to make a bargain with someone that has influence — Quinn. She’s going to go back and once she can leave, she will return to Laurent. Daryl voices his displeasure but Isabelle is adamant that if they all get in the boat now, none of them will make it out. She walks back in and Quinn senses her presence with a sly smile before he turns to face her.

Father Daryl

Daryl now has the duty of protecting Laurent. Isabelle hopes this isn’t the last time they see each other but if it is, she hopes he makes it home. As they are being motored away on the boat, Daryl looks on, spotting The Statue of Liberty.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC and AMC+.

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