‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Deux Amours”


In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl and Laurent make their journey to The Nest as Isabelle weighs her options and Genet enacts her plan. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Deux Amours.”

Daryl Gets Caught

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Daryl, Laurent, and Azlan spend the night at one of Azlan hideouts. When night falls, Daryl wakes up and kills a walker approaching the tent and goes out to survey the area. He sees Azlan impaled on a telephone pole nearby after doing his best to kill the walkers. He hands Daryl his pocket watch and tells him he knows Laurent is in good hands. He then grabs his knife and tells Daryl to “do it” and says a small prayer before he passes. Laurent and Daryl bury his body and are back on the venture to The Nest. As they approach the water, Daryl notices the boat is missing. He accuses Laurent and calls him names but Laurent admits he did it because he doesn’t want Daryl to leave him like everyone else has. Daryl apologizes and says he didn’t mean it.

As they are leaving, Daryl spots a squad of Genet’s men and ushers Laurent to hide in the bushes with him. Laurent accidentally drops some of his things but Daryl holds him back, promising it’ll be okay. He hands him the pocket watch and a knife and tells him to follow the river until he gets to The Nest. He’ll be right behind him. Laurent is hesitant at first but runs off just as the men pull up and spot his belongings on the ground. They fan out and Daryl attempts to perform a sneak attack on one of them but he ends up getting captured instead. They question him about where Laurent is but he doesn’t give him up. As they’re about to carve his eye out, Laurent shows up and gives himself in.

Isabelle, Meet Genet

Isabelle isn’t adjusting well to her stay with Quinn. Just as she’s about to slice her wrist, she is brought breakfast. She says thank you but she’s not hungry, but the woman moves the eggs out of the way to reveal a rolled up piece of paper. When she leaves, Isabelle runs to grab it. Later, Quinn brings her a necklace that he has saved for her for over 12 years hoping to give it to her one day. She plays her part and accepts it, telling him that there’s no way to move forward when you’re too busy harping on the past. He’s on his way to meet with Madame Genet so he brings her with him. On the way in, she spots Emile and Sylvie blending into the crowd. Inside the building, Anna double crosses Quinn and gives him up to Genet. She shoves him inside the cell with Daryl and calls for Isabelle to follow her.

Genet is trying to get Laurent to play his part and smile to the citizens of France to prove that they are all united together. Laurent refuses because he knows she’s not being sincere and she’s lying, but Genet warns him not to make her angry. As she’s giving her speech about the future, they drag Daryl into the room with an enhanced walker they inject with something that makes him start seizing and turns his eyes black. The episode ends with Daryl preparing for a fight.

Daryl’s Journey to France

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Much of the episode details Daryl’s journey to France after much of the season has been spent wondering how he got there. Turns out, his bike ran out of fuel and he got help from a group of people nearby that are hunting and gathering walkers in exchange for fuel and other necessities. There, he is able to connect with Carol via radio and lets her know he’ll be back in a week and will tell her everything about his trip to Maine when he’s back. She tries to inform him of someone’s return but the radio breaks up just as she does. He meets a younger kid there that is just trying to help him and his girlfriend get to California. He asks for help but nobody offers, until Daryl teaches him a few things. The other guys offer to take him out with them and show him how it’s done, but when they get back, Daryl spots him in the lineup of walkers they collected and gets angry. He starts a fight, which is strictly prohibited, and it gets him a one way ticket to France on a boat full of walkers meant for Genet.

He and one of the other men escape from their cell after Daryl baits the people holding them hostage and he lets the walkers free as a deterrent. However, one of these walkers can run and he can climb. As he approaches them trying to get the boat down, the other man goes to fight him off but ends up as walker food. An explosion goes off just as the boat falls to the water and Daryl hops inside.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and AMC+.

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