Random House Worlds & Marvel Entertainment Announce ‘What If…?’ Novel Series

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Random House Worlds/Marvel Entertainment

Random House Worlds and Marvel Entertainment have announced an adult novel series featuring the continuation of traditional Marvel What If … ? storytelling. The licensed novels tell a variation of characters’ origin stories, allowing readers to discover their favorite heroes through the lens of another universe.

The series will launch in 2024 with three titles, each set in their own distinct universe. The first book in the series, What If … Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story by author Madeleine Roux will publish on March 12, 2024. The What If … ? question for the novel reads:

“So many worlds, so little time. Infinite possibilities, creating infinite realities. Long have I watched the trickster god sow chaos. But . . . what if Loki saved Asgard from Tony Stark’s revenge?”

What If … Loki Was Worthy? will explore a universe where Thor is dead and Loki is responsible, wherein Valkyie also made a promise to Thor in his dying breaths that she would deliver Mjolnir to the rightful successor, Dr. Jane Foster — all while saving his home planet from the vengeful wrath of Tony Stark.

The first title will be followed by What If … Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? A Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man Story by Seanan McGuire in July, and What If … Marc Spector Was a Host to Venom? A Moon Knight and Venom Story by Mike Chen will publish in October.

Audiobook editions for the series will be published by Penguin Random House Audio.

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