Celebrate 30 Years of ‘Jurassic Park’ with Numskull’s New TUBBZ Collectables and Merchandise

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In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Universal Picture’s beloved Jurassic Park, Numskull is releasing three new cosplaying figurines and official merchandise for fans to enjoy this June.

Numskull Designs has carefully designed and engineered every TUBBZ figure. These official merchandises come with a collectible bathtub display that showcases the logo. In addition, all TUBBZ figures are stackable for added convenience.

The pond won’t be big enough for these Jurassic-sized ducks. Robert Muldoon, Velociraptor, and Dilophosaurus are the recent Jurassic Park characters to get a ducky makeover, joining Giant T-Rex (a massive 150% larger than the other TUBBZ), John Hammond, Dennis Nedry, Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler bringing the Jurassic Park collection to 9.

NumSkull and Universal City Studios

But wait, the celebration doesn’t just stop there! You can add other fun and unique merchandise to your collection, such as CosCups, sunglasses, and even Nintendo Switch cases!

  • CosCups: Enjoy your favorite hot or cold drinks in these fun ceramic cups featuring the head of Dr. Ian Malcom and Dennis Nedry. The cups come with a silicone sleeve that showcases their costume details.
  • 3D Moulded Lamp: featuring the iconic Jurassic Park logo. Fits easily onto the wall or pops onto a desk or side table. Available at Amazon and JustGeek.
  • Sunglasses: Channel your inner Ian Malcolm in these super cool shades featuring the iconic logoAvailable at JustGeek.
  • Nintendo Switch Case: Looking for a secure way to store your gaming pieces? Check out this bone-shaped design that features the Jurassic Park logo. Available at Amazon and JustGeek.
  • LED Cable & Thumb Grips: Charge your devices using this 1.5-meter tangle-resistant cable featuring the iconic Jurassic Park logo on the USB, allowing light to flow through it. Available at JustGeek.
  • Pin Kings: These highly collectible, enamel pins come in three sets featuring iconic Jurassic Park imagery, including the iconic park gates. Available at JustGeek.

TUBBZ are adorable cosplaying duck figurines. Each duck represents all your favorite characters in high-quality and recognizable designs, and they stand approximately 9 cm (3.5 inches) tall when outside the tub display stand.

You can check out the entire Jurassic Park TUBBZ collection on the Numskull official website.

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