‘Gotham Knights’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “Daddy Issues”


How does the saying go the truth will set you free?

Dear Bat Brats, there are officially two episodes left of the first season of Gotham Knights, and you could light a torch with how hot things are getting. This week’s episode is no exception. Duela has a birthday reunion with her mom, Jane Doe (guest star Lindy Booth), who reveals shocking information that will change her life. Meanwhile, Stephanie has to choose between her family and the Knights, putting her at odds with Harper. Finally, Harvey finds himself on a collision course with someone from his past.

Happy Birthday Duela

The episode begins with a flashback of Duela’s 8th birthday at Arkham Asylum. In an intimate moment with Turner, Duela reminisces about the day, how she felt, and what it was like exploring the corridors right before meeting her father (the Joker) for the first time.

Meanwhile, at the precinct, someone called in a fake bomb threat, leaving behind a box full of the ace of clubs playing cards, the calling card of the Royal Flush gang, but since they are locked up, it had to be a copycat. Meanwhile, Stephanie has met with Harvey and Commissioner Soto to sign an affidavit about Lincoln March being the head of the Court of Owls.

At the Belfry, Harper and Cullen try to weasel out what happened between Turner and Duela. Duela has no problem singing like a cannery to Harper, while Turner is more reserved and hostile with Cullen; it’s obvious the truth about Bruce Wayne and his parents caused a mental shift in him.

Turner returns to Duela and helps her with her infamous bullet necklace. Duela explains she carried the slug if she ever had the opportunity to use it on her father. However, Batman took care of that for her. Duela then invites Turner to go with her to meet up with a source to dig up dirt on Batman.

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House Of Cards

Arthur Brown visits Wayne Memorial Hospital, where he meets up with a Doctor to score prescription drugs for his wife. But it’s a setup, and Arthur gets arrested on drug charges. Afterward, Stephanie, who is still at the precinct, is visited by Lincoln. Lincoln orchestrated the arrest of Arthur to scare Stephanie. If Stephanie changes her statement and gives up her friends, they’d drop her father’s charges.

Cullen visits Carrie, who is under house arrest by her mom, after helping Turner and confessing to being Robin. Cullen confides in her about Turner, and Carrie reveals to knowing about his parents and stealing the pages from the journal, explaining Turner’s behavior.

Turner and Duela end up at the Ace O’ Clubs bar, where Turner finds out that Duela’s secret source is her mother.

My Girl

Simply known as Jane Doe, Duela’s mom confesses to calling in the bomb threat at the GCPD as a smoke signal to Duela. Duela heard it over the police scanner and knew it was her mom, and that’s how she found her. Duela reveals that they are on the run for killing Batman. Jane uses this information to strike up a deal.

Stephanie is now face-to-face with her dad, and in a shocking turn of events, Stephanie decides not to give up her friends to help her father. Cullen, dressed as Officer Hines, shows up at the GCPD to get another police scanner to replace the one Duela stole; this is when he sees Stephanie and learns about her father’s arrest and the deal they made with her.

Harvey shows up at the bar and finds a very drunk Turner. When they attempt to leave, Turner passes out, and Harvey gets attacked from behind by Jane, who poisons him with a needle.

Dirty Laundry

Duela meets up with her mom in an abandoned subway station only to find her mom putting Harvey in a straitjacket. Jane pretended to be an angry voter to trick Harvey into showing up, and she also drugged Turner’s drinks before giving his location to the police for the reward money. Harvey is responsible for locking Jane up for 18 years, but that is only the start of Harvey’s dirty laundry. Jane was released from prison by Lincoln March, claiming she wasn’t insane at all and Harvey was hiding the true nature of their relationship. The truth was Jane and Harvey had a torrid love affair, only Harvey couldn’t remember it, and that’s not all — Harvey is Duela’s father.

Harper learns about Stephanie through Cullen and goes to her home to confront her. Instead, she finds Stephanie and her angry mother, and Harper realizes that Stephanie didn’t rat them out after all. During the emotional confrontation, Cullen calls Harper. The GCPD was en route to the Ace O’ Clubs to pick up Turner.

Daddy Issues

Back in the subway, Jane explains that she orchestrated the story of the Joker being her dad, so her daughter wouldn’t need protection while she was locked away. The Joker knew Duela wasn’t his child, but he liked her and pretended until Duela could protect herself. Taking the bullet Duela had saved for the Joker, Jane loads it into her gun right before handing it to Duela. Harvey pleads for his life by telling them about his physiological disorder, which caused this confusing situation but with her mother in her ear, Duela does the unthinkable by shooting Harvey in the chest.

At the Ace O’ Clubs, Harper and Stephanie begin their search for Turner just as the GCPD show up, but instead of running, the women hide in plain sight, and Stephanie jokingly gives Harper the code name Bluebird. The two begin dancing to blend in. The sparks of romance fly between them right before the police find Turner passed out in a storage closet. Stephanie distracts one of the officers as Harper hotwires their vehicle. Harper returns to Stephanie, using a stun gun to knock him out. They spot another officer taking Turner, and Cullen, dressed as Officer Hines, shows up to save Turner.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Back at the Belfry, Cullen confronts Turner about his behavior and the risk he exposed himself to. Even though Turner had it so ingrained in his head that he was alone in the world with no one who cared about him, Cullen made Turner realize how wrong he was because he had them and the friend’s makeup. Harper and Stephanie have a heart-to-heart on what comes next for Stephanie. The two finally become honest with their feelings for each other and share a passionate kiss.

Harvey wakes up at Wayne Memorial Hospital after surviving being shot by Duela. As fate would have it, the Court of Owls coin he had hidden in his breast pocket stopped the bullet and saved his life.

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