‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Review: A Satisfying Farewell That Embraces Change


Well, it’s official. Never Have I Ever has come to a close. After a tumultuous four seasons, Devi Vishwakumar and her friends are finally in senior year, and the pressure to figure out their lives is higher than ever. Season 4 sees the group solidify (or try to) their college plans, with Devi hoping she’ll finally get into her dream school: Princeton. With only a short time left until the next phase of their lives, Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola live up their final year of high school.

Season 4 unfolds the story much in the way the previous seasons did. However, this time around it places a little more emphasis on characters individually, which makes the season stronger. Of course, Devi is the core focus of the show, but Season 4 allows some of the other characters viewers have come to cherish to gain more spotlight. One character in particular was Fabiola. Since her introduction, viewers have learned quite a bit about her, mainly following her on her queer journey with other tidbits sprinkled along the way. However, this season dives more into her time in the robotics club, and how Fabiola hopes to create positive change not just within the club, but the field itself. Moreover, she faces some difficult college decisions that helps her realize where her true place is.

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Along with Fabiola, the rest of the group including Paxton, Ben, and Eleanor had more fleshed out arcs. Something that worked well with the trio is that they are the more self-assured of the bunch. Paxton skated by on his good looks and charm. Ben’s focus on his academics was basically a personality trait, but one that pushed him forward. And Eleanor’s passion for acting often allowed her to confidently set and pursue goals for herself. This season, their confidence wavers in various ways, as they all lack that initial strong sense of purpose. They are some of the most solid examples of what it’s like to be unsure of yourself, even if you already have an idea of The Thing you want to do in life. They also highlight that sometimes those initial goals can pivot in unexpected ways.

Then there’s Devi, played by the ever-charming Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who has carried the series since day 1. Devi is a messy teen – that’s no secret. Through the show’s run, she has made mistakes, nearly ruined friendships, and struggled with grief. But it’s Devi’s messiness that makes her a compelling character, and shows how, through every hurdle, Devi has grown from the sophomore viewers first met her as into the senior ready to take on life beyond high school. This season she, of course, goes through her fair share of drama with romance, family, and academics. However, she’s better able to respond to problems and tries to approach things in a more mature way than she used to. Additionally, she and Nalini have come a long way since Season 1. It’s been a joy watching their relationship grow and change as they reach stable ground with each other.

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Never Have I Ever has touched on a variety of topics throughout its run, but Season 4 hits on arguably the most universal one yet: change. Change is an inevitable part of life, whether it’s small or life-altering; no one can avoid it. Season 4 acknowledges that, using its characters to showcase that while change can be scary, it’s often for the better. It gives its core group of characters the chance to grow up and grow apart, but only in good ways as they move into their futures. They’re afforded space to struggle, to fight the urge to run, and to find themselves. Season 4 ends on a hopeful note, with a satisfying and heartfelt send-off.

All episodes of Never Have I Ever are streaming now on Netflix.

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