‘Gotham Knights’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13 “Night of the Owls”

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Sadly, we have come to the conclusion of Gotham Knights, and trust is the only thing getting our young vigilantes through their most daring rescue yet and save Gotham. Harvey faces an impossible decision that could have devastating consequences.

Are You Know Or Have You Ever

The epic conclusion of Gotham Knights begins in the wake of the slaughter of the Court of Owls. The Gotham Knights are taken in for questioning after Rebecca March framed the heroes for the grizzly event. Now in a race against time, the team finds themselves trying to convince the police and the entire city they didn’t kill their new Mayor but his wife, with the Talons hot on their heels

Meanwhile, at Wayne Tower, Rebecca’s master plan takes an even darker turn after she kidnaps Harvey. Rebecca offers Harvey the Electrum she reserved for the court so they can live together forever. But there is a stipulation she wants the other Harvey, the Harvey who fell in love with her. When he refuses, Rebecca brings in Duela, who was sold out by her mother for some cash, threatening to kill her and thousands of Gotham City residents if he doesn’t comply. Rebecca has them connected to a bomb, and if Harvey releases his other self, she will give them the disarm code and let both of them go.

Dr.Kelley arrives at the precinct to see Carrie, and Turner discovers the truth about his parents. Commissioner Soto explains she investigated the murder of Turner’s parents but reveals they were assassins hired to kill Batman, and their death was in self-defense. They worked for an international criminal named Henri Ducard. Afterward, more incriminating evidence comes in, placing bomb residue all over their clothing.

The Talons

The Talons make their presence known at the precinct, killing everyone in sight. However, it’s good news for the Gotham Knights because now they can prove their innocence. The group joins in the fight using the impounded weapons from the Batcave to take on the Talons, and Dr.Kelley gets the opportunity to watch Carrie in action as Robin while she defends her friends and the precinct from the assassins. During the chaos, Dr.Kelley aids an injured police officer. But when Carrie reunites with her mom, tragedy hits when Dr.Kelley is violently stabbed by one of the Talons right before Carrie takes the assassin down.

Harvey tries to make things right with Duela by promising a second chance with her while trying to figure out how to free themselves.

Who We Are

At the hospital, Brody joins Carrie as her mom goes into emergency surgery, as Turner, Stephanie, Cullen, and Harper go back to the March’s apartment building to check out the barrels Harper and Stephanie found earlier to see if there is a connection to the residue found on their clothing. When they arrive, they discover the nitro barrels, but one with a cellphone detonator is left behind. The missing barrels are attached to other detonators placed around the city. Each bomb is placed strategically on the 13th floor of every skyscraper designed by Alan Wayne. The mother bomb is the very bomb Harvey and Duela are attached to in Wayne Tower.

Harvey and Duela are struggling to disarm their bomb, and Harvey suggests giving in to Rebecca’s demands and releasing his alter ego. Duela comes up with the idea to use the phone detonator to call Harper for assistance. Fortunately, Stephanie has deciphered the circuitry of the bombing network, believing if Duela can disarm their bomb, it should also disarm the other bombs. However, it’s not that simple, as disarming Duela’s bomb will trigger the other bombs. Rebecca had planned to use Duela as a scapegoat to destroy the city while she flees. Harvey finally releases his alter ego, believing it’s the only way to stop Rebecca’s insanity.

Back at the hospital, Carrie is by Dr. Kelley’s side as she wakes up from surgery. Carrie apologizes for putting her mom in danger, but Dr. Kelley isn’t upset. Upon seeing Carrie in action, she understands her daughter’s motives and decides to unleash Robin onto the city.

Let Her Blow

Harvey finally embraces his dark side leaving Duela in a desperate situation of either waiting for her friends or saving herself from her maniac father. Evil Harvey manages to get the attention of Rebecca, who finally offers to disarm the bomb. However, Duela won’t do it, even with Evil Harvey toying with her emotions to trick her into doing so. Rebecca finally shows herself, releasing Harvey from the bomb. As they share a passionate kiss, Harvey attacks Rebecca, strangling her, and as she fights for her life, she grabs a flask of acid, throwing it at Harvey, severely burning half his face.

Harper suggests a plan to reverse engineer the mother bomb to disarm the other bombs. However, they must clear the area unit by unit. Their priority is to prevent Duela from blowing up the rest of the city, even if it means sacrificing Wayne Tower. Cullen leverages his connections with Officer Apone to help secure Wayne Tower.

The Escape

The knights get to Wayne Tower and find Duela, and as Rebecca is about to shoot Turner, Brody sticks his mother with a lethal dose of the Electrum, killing her instantly. Turner frees Duela from her chains as they reunite with a kiss.

After being burned and dragged off by one of Rebecca’s goons, Harvey wakes up in an elevator and escapes Wayne Tower. Robin finds the Electrum reserved for Harvey and takes it to save her mom. Stephanie and Harper set the timer to the mother bomb, giving the others 5 minutes to get out of Wayne Tower before it is below up. Upon the escape, Turner stays behind to collect the rest of his dad’s journals. With less than a minute left on the clock, Turner attempts to escape when Rebecca shoots him after surviving with her Talons by her side. Right before the Talons can finish the job, a group of assassins in tactical gear save Turner right as Wayne Tower explodes.

The Gotham Knights

Back at the Belfry, it’s a bittersweet celebration for the knights after getting their names cleared while mourning the loss of Turner and with no answer to what happened to him. The group is ready to go their separate ways and start fresh. But Duela manages to convince them that the city needs the Gotham Knights, and it’s the best way to keep Turner’s memory alive.

Harvey emerges as Two-Face for the first time as he visits Jane Doe, Duela’s mother. The villain steps from the shadows, seeking revenge for the betrayal of their daughter. Ready to kill Jane, Two-Face flips a coin to decide her fate before shooting her.

Towards the end of the episode, Turner appears at a mansion belonging to Henri Ducard. Ducard had previously trained Turner’s parents and Bruce Wayne, and he now shows interest in continuing Turner’s family legacy by doing the same for Turner.

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