‘Citadel’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Spies Appear In Night Time”

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Citadel follows two spies in their attempt to recover their memories. After the fall of a global spy agency, something sinister is rising in its place.


Episode two begins with Nadia after the train explosion. We see as she pulls herself injured from the river, trying to reach Bernard through her earpiece. The connection is going in and out, but he has enough time to tell her to prepare, he has initiated something called backstop. Limping through the woods, Nadia meets a car, managing to say hospital before she collapses.

Nadia awakens handcuffed to a bed, a man is watching her with a gun across his lap. When her request to be taken to the hospital is denied, she clarifies that the trip would be for the man, not her. Soon an intense fight between the two happens, destroying the cabin. After killing the man, a circle begins to blink in Nadia’s neck as we hear Bernard’s voice stating that the backstop is commencing. As the phrase, deleting memories is heard, Nadia begins scrambling to write things down before they are lost forever.

After having her memories erased by the backstop, Nadia awakens disoriented in the destroyed cabin. Injured, with go to Valencia Asha written on her arm, she is understandably very confused. On her way out, Nadia finds a passport with her face and the name Charlotte Vernon.

Safe House

Coming back to the present time we find everyone currently at Bernard’s safe house. Checking back in with Mason and his wife, still reeling from the revelation that he is a spy. While the couple argues if this new information is even true, we see Bernard and his ex-wife Joe discussing a secret of their own. Wishing his wife and daughter goodbye, Mason heads off with Bernard.

Remember Who You Are

Having arrived in New York City, Mason, and Bernard game plan before heading in. Tech genius Bernard has input Mason into the security system. All he has to do is simply walk in, head to the top floor, grab the X case, and head back out. Simple enough right? Mason questions that he should know more details of the plan, but Bernard insists he will be fine. With Bernard in his ear, Mason heads inside. It is clear his skills are a little rusty, but his backup is talking him through it step by step. With the clock winding down on Manticore unlocking the X case, Mason breaks out his old fighting skills. Alarms blaring, men running around, and Mason walks out calmy with the X case.

Ambassador Archer

Sitting at home watching the news, Ambassador Archer gets a call from the Silje brothers. Very upset by the news that the X case has been taken, she explains her situation. Dahlia Archer acts as a broker for the eight families that run Manticore. It is made clear that if the case isn’t found a bounty will be on her head. When it is revealed that Mason took the case Archer is clearly shaken. Repeating to the brothers to bring her the case, she adds to bring Mason to her as well.


While driving away after stealing the X case Bernard drops a truth bomb on Mason. He reveals he can’t go back to the safe house like he planned. Everyone now knows he is alive and will be searching for him. The only way to go back to his family is to stop Manticore. Mason states that we are two guys in a van with a briefcase. Bernard tells him that the case can track any Citadel agents that may still be alive. The case also holds vials that contain each agent’s memories. All Mason has to do to become his old self is inject it into his neck. Questioning if he can truly trust Bernard, a bullet changes everything. Not knowing the Silje brothers were tracking the case, Mason and Bernard are caught by surprise as a bullet hits Bernard killing him.

Mason narrowly escapes with the case as the Silje brothers find Bernard’s body. Looking for his vial of memories, Mason finds it broken with his past life lost forever. Broken and lost, Mason sits questioning what to do next, as the X case begins to beep. The case has located agent Nadia in close proximity and this gives him the sliver of hope he needs.

2 Is Better Than 1

Mason travels to Spain to locate Nadia. Running into her in a restaurant, literally, she seems to not recognize him. When Mason brings up Italy from eight years ago, she wants to speak in private. Immediately Nadia believes Mason is someone wanting answers for the dead body that was in the cabin with her when she woke. Explaining that he’s not a cop but a spy, he is met with understandable skepticism. While throwing out random words trying to trigger her memory, we see Nadia and Mason’s undeniable chemistry. Finally, getting close enough for Nadia to open the case, Mason shows her the life she never knew she had.

While this revelation is happening in the kitchen, the Silje brothers show up. After explaining the memory serum, things explode into chaos. With neither remembering their training, this fight scene feels realistic with high stakes. When things look the darkest, Nadia stands revealing that she has her memories back. Taking on Silje single-handedly, she takes Mason before the police arrive.

The shocking reveal at the end of the episode heads to Ambassador Archer’s home. The camera moves showing her surprise dinner guest, a very alive Bernard!

The first two episodes of Citadel are available to stream now on Prime Video. New episodes are released every Friday.

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