‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 16 “Daddy Was a Bank Robber”

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Walker returned tonight from a multi-week break as they get ready to head into the last three episodes of the third season. With things with Grey Flag, Kevin, and Coop seemingly wrapped up, Geri comes back to town with a new guest in tow — Hoyt’s daughter.

Let’s dive in to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Walker.

The Arrival of Sadie

The episode opens with Cordell arriving to his family at the Walker ranch, all of who are around the kitchen having coffee and breakfast. Cordell has passed his two-week checkup with flying colors, but they want him to continue with physical therapy. Stella tells Cordell that Colton went to Las Vegas for a culinary internship. Abby tells Cordell it has meant a lot that he took time off to be with his family.

At the Side Step later, Geri arrives. She greets Stella, Augie, and Cordell, and Geri says she has someone they need to meet. As she’s waiting, a teenage girl walks in and sees a group of teens. She tries to swindle them out of money for the free fundraising concert that’s being held at the Side Step. Cordell comes over to break it up, and Geri tells them that’s who she wanted them to meet; it’s Hoyt’s daughter, Sadie.

Geri tells Cordell that it must have happened while they were broken up, and Hoyt didn’t know; Sadie’s mom, Melissa, never told him. In a flashback, Melissa is at the Side Step and sees Geri and Hoyt, and decides not to tell Hoyt about Sadie. Melissa didn’t want her daughter to be raised by a criminal. Geri tells Cordell that Melissa passed away, and Sadie used a DNA/Ancestry service to find Hoyt and it led her to Geri.

At the Walker Ranch, Stella and Geri talk about the rescue. August tells Cordell and Geri that he found Sadie’s Soundcloud, and she’s a musician. Abby and Bonham arrive and are excited to see Geri. Cordell questions whether Sadie should come to the fundraiser, but Geri says she’s coming. Abby tells Cordell she’s surprised he doesn’t want to get to know Sadie, and Abby and Bonham remind Cordell that they loved Hoyt.

In another flashback, Cordell and Larry arrive at the Side Step where Hoyt and Geri are. Cordell runs out after Hoyt and tries to talk to him about whatever trouble he’s about to get into. Hoyt says Cordell can’t help him.

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Sadie and Augie talk at the fundraiser and she asks about Hoyt. Geri tells Cordell and Sadie to talk. Sadie asks Cordell if Hoyt knew about her, but Cordell says if he knew, he would have done everything to be in her life. Cordell says she’s going to have to earn his trust. There’s a boot with money in it near the stage for the rescue, and he tells her if anything happens to it, he’ll know it’s her.

Augie interrupts, and says their opener is stuck, and asks Sadie if she can sing for them and fill in. Sadie performs and brings the boot around, encouraging people to put money in it. During her performance, there’s a flashback of Hoyt getting arrested after breaking into a payday loan place and stealing money. After the performance, Cordell and Geri see that the boot of money is gone, and so is Sadie.

The Proposal

Larry and Kelly are house-hunting, and disagreeing about where they want to live. Larry wants a family house, while Kelly wants a brand-new condo. Larry talks to Abby at the fundraiser about how he wants to propose to Kelly and shows her the ring he wants to propose with; his Grandma’s diamond. Larry’s nervous, but Abby reassures him that Kelly loves him, and she tells him that if he’s worried about Kelly not wanting a second-hand ring, he could get the stone reset; same ring, but different.

The next day Larry and Kelly arrive at a different house; one that’s older on the outside, but all redone and brand new on the inside. Larry talks about how it’s a metaphor for their relationship and he proposes to Kelly in front of the house, and she says yes.

The Wine Case

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Cassie arrives at Trey’s apartment and they talk about how Trey’s struggling. The two of them leave to go grab a beer.

Ben and Liam go to a winery where Ben talks to someone about purchasing wine from them, and that it wasn’t right. The man disagrees, but Ben tells him he works for one of the top wine retailers in the state. Ben says it wasn’t correct; Liam steps in about an authentication process. The man gets angry and tells them to leave. Ben gets mad at Liam and storms off.

Liam called Cassie who arrives with Trey. Ben tells them that it didn’t taste right, that he thinks it was a 2010 wine, not one from ’91. Ben also says the label was off. Cassie and Trey go into the winery and look around the tasting. The man earlier talks to them, and he says he has something for them. Cassie excuses herself to go to the restroom, and she sees the man enter a locked door. Cassie follows, and the man opens up a storage door. Cassie runs and slides in, where they see two men talking, and she’s surrounded by a ton of boxes and wine bottles. There’s a printer with labels, and she sees that they’ve been printing out fake labels to put on wine bottles. She makes her way back to Trey and tells him what she found. The man comes around and they show him the labels and that they’re Texas Rangers. The man said he did it to make up business, and Cassie says he needs to refund the money to Ben Perez and everyone else they owe.

At the fundraiser, Ben received a notification that he got the money back for the wine. He tells Liam that he wanted to handle it on his own without his help. Liam tells Ben he’s trying to be a fixer and apologizes.

The next day, Cassie arrives at Trey’s, and Trey has been trying to work up the courage to call Lana back. She tells him to call Lana and he gets her voicemail.

Sadie and Cordell’s Truce

After the fundraiser, Sadie arrives at Cordell’s home with the money. She tells him that he thought she was going to do it, so she didn’t want to waste the energy to prove him wrong. Sadie tells Cordell that her mom and her were good and then she got sick, and she’s here because she had questions. Cordell tells her that his life and job makes him assume the worst, but she ended up doing the right thing. Cordell says there was a guy at the bar he noticed, and Sadie said it’s a guy she owes money to. Sadie asks if he can put aside being a Ranger, and just be her Dad’s best friend. Cordell says he’d like to be that, and they agree to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

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Later, Geri and Cordell talk, and Cordell tells Geri she was right; he should have given Sadie a chance. He also brought the empty boot as a gift for Sadie. Cordell talks to Geri about that first night Hoyt got arrested. It flashbacks to Geri yelling at Cordell in the station and how Hoyt is an actual criminal now. Geri goes to see Hoyt and he apologizes to her from behind a jail cell. He tells Cordell he feels like he’s running out of chances to be more than this. Flashing back to the present day, Geri is crying and the two realize that he wasn’t going to get out of his own way.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW. It is available to stream the next day on The CW app.

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