‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1 Finale “Trophic Cascade”


Ramsey has the arson suspect in her custody, but The Pack finds a suspect of their own as Garrett learns a surprising truth about his children. Keep reading for everything that happens in the season 1 finale, “Trophic Cascade.”

Baron’s Body

The Pack scrambles to get Baron to safety in Everett’s house after pulling the sword from his chest. While this is happening, he’s having visions that place him in the memories of the rest of the back. He sees himself as Everett in the hospital with Kristin and Garrett as his parents, he yells at Danny in the car as Blake’s dad gets into a car crash, and he’s placed in Harlan’s memory the night that Luna killed her horse (where we find out Harlan knew the whole time), and as for Luna’s memory, he’s caught drawing portraits of Austin.

Once Garrett catches wind that they have him inside Everett’s house he storms in and demands they take him to the hospital to seek treatment. As they’re all leaving, Blake stays behind to watch Danny as her dad is on his way to get them. Everett doesn’t want to leave her there but he also wants to get to the bottom of Baron. So, he leaves. But Baron doesn’t last long in the hospital before Malcolm kidnaps him and takes him to the fire station. He knows Ramsey saw his fire hat on the bed where Baron was and it will lead her right into his trap. He’s got a silver plated axe and silver bullets waiting for her.

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Complete Disarray

Kristin needs Garrett’s trust in order to move forward. First, Everett’s dad catches wind that he had gone after his mom (and he’s not taking his medication) so he has hospital staff put him in a 55/85. Blake, meanwhile, opens the door to see her dad with Kristin and Child Services in tow. Their dad had surrendered custody and they’re now in the hands of Child Services where they will be split up. Harlan has visited Cyrus and they chat about what’s been happening. Cyrus reveals that although he didn’t start this fire he started one at nine years old and no matter what, he would be in deep trouble. Harlan vows to break him out and they share a kiss (Eek!!) But, unfortunately, Harlan gets placed at the scene of the crime and is charged with murdering officer Miller. Luna has basically lost all hope in The Pack she thought she wanted, even telling herself there was never a pack to begin with.

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A Bit Suspect

Everyone connects dots with Kristin that she may know a lot more than she’s letting on (finally), specifically Luna who watches her listen in while Harlan is talking to Cyrus in Kristin’s office. She suspects the white noise machine may help her hear better. After telling Harlan, Everett, and Blake, they all agree to look into her further. One night, as Harlan, Luna, and Garrett are winding down, she watches them from outside the house. Once they fall asleep, she sneaks in and makes her way to Harlan, grabbing his hand and holding it. She then goes to Luna’s room and lays down next to her. As Luna comes to just moments later and turns around, she’s gone.

Malcolm’s Revenge

Malcolm is finally getting his revenge on Kristin for killing his men all those years ago. They get into a shootout that leaves Malcolm wounded in his knee. He hobbles around and tries to shoot her again as Garrett rushes in and shoots a few bullets of his own. He quickly diverts his attention to Baron who is laying on top of a fire truck instead. Malcolm briefly gets the upper hand, but Kristin grabs him by the throat and as she goes in for the kill, Garrett fires off a warning shot making her drop him. They need him alive so she knocks him out instead. Garrett isn’t letting her off the hook, though. He wants the truth. Who is she? What is she?

She reveals her identity to be Harlan, Luna, and Baron’s biological mother. That she knew he would be a good father, and that’s why she left the cubs to him all those years ago. Now? The Pack needs both of them if they’re going to survive. Blake and Danny could lead a normal life, Luna would get the pack she’s always wanted, Everett doesn’t have to feel anxious anymore, and Harlan gets the father he needs. The only problem is … it wouldn’t be the human father.

All eight episodes of Wolf Pack season 1 are available on Paramount+.

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