Everyone’s Favorite Obsessive Detective ‘Monk’ is Returning


The original USA series Monk is returning for an encore. Tony Shalhoub will be returning as the obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk in a feature film that will premiere on Peacock. The original series followed Monk as he solved crimes for the San Francisco police department as a consultant while dealing with his numerous compulsive habits and variety of phobias.

In an interview with Dr. Loubna Hassanieh for the most recent episode of “Unheard Stories: Stories That Inspire,” Shalhoub revealed that the upcoming film will be set in a Post-COVID world and that many of the original cast will be returning. Along with Shalhoub, the original series cast included Traylor Howard Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, Emmy Clarke, and Hector Elizondo.

Monk is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, so make to refresh your memory of all the great episodes of the series before the film is released and check back here for more information as it becomes available.

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