Interview: Bella Shepard Talks ‘Wolf Pack’ Season 1 Journey and Finale


The season finale 1 of Wolf Pack put the pack in the crosshairs of the law, with Everett’s dad 55/85’ing him for not taking his medication and going after his mom, Harlan is being charged with the murder of officer Miller, Blake’s dad surrendered custody placing both Danny and Blake into the hands of Child Services (separated) and Luna is separating herself from the pack she once thought she wanted.

Meanwhile, Baron, still somehow alive, has been transported all over the place for care but Malcolm breaks him out of the hospital to lure Kristin to him so he can kill her once and for all. But, of course, Garrett is on the case and he finally gets to the bottom of who Kristin is. The episode ends with Kristin and Garrett somewhat agreeing to co-parent all of the kids because they’re going to need their help. Nerds & Beyond recently had the chance to speak with Bella Shepard about her journey as Blake Navarro, how she’s going to adapt to her new “normal,” and what’s next for Wolf Pack.

Nerds & Beyond: I’m super excited to chat with you about the Wolf Pack finale today! I think you gave one of the best performances you have given all season in this episode.

Bella Shepard: That’s so sweet, thank you.

Nerds & Beyond: Blake’s journey this season has had many ups and downs — what’s been your favorite part about bringing her to life?

Bella Shepard: I think Blake reminds me a lot of myself sometimes and I see the way that she deals with her trust issues in a lot of young teenage girls. I think my favorite part has been being able to kind of be that voice for a lot of teenage girls who have been hurt so young and have had to carry a lot on their shoulders so young. I think just being able to be a voice for teenage girls has been really empowering and really exciting.

Nerds & Beyond: At the end of the finale, Blake is once again at a crossroads. All she wants to do is protect Danny but that’s being put in jeopardy. What’s going through her head now?

Bella Shepard: Ooh, I think that we leave Blake kind of in a state of conflict because she’s finally kind of accepting her role in the pack. And then during the finale, she has this opportunity to feel like she could have a normal life again. And I think it’s really interesting to see her go through that conflict of having to choose and having to decide.

Nerds & Beyond: Blake and Everett are going strong but how do you think this reveal will affect their relationship?

Bella Shepard: I think that, because Everett is at such an empowered state and Blake is kind of empowered in her own way, now she feels like she can make her own choices and live a good ordinary life with her family. We’re kind of on separate paths now at the end where we kind of leave off with them. So, I guess we’ll have to see how that effects the relationship!

Nerds & Beyond: Blake has had her concerns about being in the pack all season long, does Baron pose more issues for her personal journey?

Bella Shepard: Yeah, I think because, at the end of the season, we find out that Baron was at some point a threat to Danny. And so now she’s feeling like she kind of has to just accept the fact that he is also part of the pack. And I think she would rather remove herself from the pack to keep her brother safe than accept this other member of the pack who has threatened so many people and supposedly hurt so many people.

Nerds & Beyond: What challenges do you think Blake is going to face as she tries to adapt to her new normal? I mean, being raised by the dad of your friends who are part of your pack and their mother who is also half human — talk about overwhelming!

Bella Shepard: She would probably face maybe guilt for feeling like she’s torn between two lives almost. Right? Her brother and her dad obviously have no idea what’s going on with her. And the pack is such an important thing too. It brought her self-confidence. So I think just dealing with the conflict and the guilt of having to decide.

Nerds & Beyond: Looking ahead, should the series get picked up for a second season, what would you most be looking forward to exploring with Blake? I talked to Tyler recently and he said with Harlan he would like to kind of explore that more internal thing that we don’t really get to see. So is that something that you would also like to kind of explore more in-depth with Blake?

Bella Shepard: Yeah, I am open to exploring whatever Jeff [Davis] would have in mind for Blake. I think it would be really interesting to really see her flesh out this newfound self-confidence that she has. When we started season one, we saw her in such a vulnerable, low vibrational state. Now she’s kind of found the self-confidence where she feels like she can stand up for herself or make her own decisions and she’s powerful enough to really take care of her brother. So I feel like it would be really interesting to see Blake, this confident, strong young woman that she’s always really been deep down.

Season 1 of Wolf Pack is available to stream on Paramount+. Check out our season coverage including our interview with series star Tyler Lawrence Gray.

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