Legendary Comic announces sequel to YA Graphic Novel ‘Lupina Book One: Wax’

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Legendary Comics has announced that everyone’s favorite lone wolf, Lupa, will be returning in a sequel to continue her journey to find her destiny. Lupina Book Two: Wane continues following Lupa as she travels to a mysterious monastery where she encounters six young women – the Caldera Sisters. Not sisters by blood, but by trial. Each of these young women represents a different aspect of the same goddess, and all of them will have to learn to work together to save their world.

Lupina Book Two: Wane is written by James F. Wright with illustrator Li Buszka, inker Martin Clinch, colorist Bex Glendining, and letterer Frank Cvetkovic all working together to create a mystical and magical story in this two-part series. This graphic novel will pull readers’ heartstrings as they go on this journey of self-discovery and revenge with Lupa.

Check out the trailer for Lupina Book Two: Wane and make sure to purchase your own copy from your local graphic novel retailer.

Legendary Comics

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