‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3, “Chapter 19: The Convert”


A huge cameo appearance stole the show last week as Bo-Katan rescued Din Djarin from the depths of the Living Waters: the Mythosaur.

An Unlikely Duo

Din finally wakes after his deep dive into the Living Waters (yes, he did just sink…) and Bo-Katan confirms Din didn’t see a thing. She can’t help but gaze back at the Waters on their way out, seeing that mythosaur obviously has her questioning something. Interestingly enough, she also doesn’t tell him about the mythosaur living in the mines, however, on their way back to Kalevala she doesn’t remove her helmet as we’ve seen her do countless times in the past.


Din is redeemed now, and he takes some of the waters with him, and on their flight back, they’re ambushed by Imperial TIE interceptors. Din keeps them at bay with the ship’s guns long enough to get them safely to Kalevala where he leaps from the ship to get to the N-1. The pair take out the interceptors, showing off that impressive new ship of Din’s, but it seems like that was all a distraction. A much larger fleet arrives and bombs Bo-Katan’s castle destroying it entirely.

With nowhere left to go, Din sends her coordinates to follow him and they escape into hyperspace.

The Amnesty Program

The series is beginning to fill in some blanks in Star Wars history, one being exactly what happened to all those Imperial officers. Dr. Pershing, Moff Gideon’s cloning scientist, answers that for us as a new member of the Amnesty Program on Coruscant set to rehabilitate Imperial officers into the New Republic. He’s giving a speech on his work, and how he wanted to use it for good and it just got twisted along the way.

He’s with another group of Amnesty Officers at Amnesty Housing — M34, G27, M40 — and the Comms Officer from Moff Gideon’s ship, G68. Pershing is Amnesty Officer L52 and has just transferred from the Amnesty Re-Integration Institute. There are a few myths surrounding Moff Gideon’s current whereabouts, M34 saying he heard he escaped while G27 claims he was hooked up to a mind flayer.

They share stories of their time with the Empire, including Pershing’s love of the yellow travel biscuits from the ration packs and G68 offers to show Pershing around Coruscant when he gets a chance. When he returns to his room, his doorbell goes off. When he answers no one is there, but a box of yellow biscuits is on the ground waiting for him.

Blind Orders

Pershing is put to work archiving old Empire data, something far beneath a man of his knowledge and skill, but he’s happy to be doing the work. He takes G68 up on her offer to explore Coruscant and she tells him that his work is important and should be done regardless of what the New Republic thinks. She reminds him that blindly following orders is what helped the Empire rise to power in the first place. His work can be beneficial.

They visit the landmark of Umate, the highest mountain on Coruscant, and the last bit of the true planet’s surface left, with G68 tricking Pershing into trying to touch it all to be scolded by a droid.


It’s time for his daily debrief to ensure he’s assimilating to the New Republic and the Amnesty Program well, and he asks the droid if he can pursue his research recreationally, but he’s told no. Cloning and genetic engineering are strictly prohibited by the Coruscant Accords. He asks G68 for help in getting his research back on the road, he knows it can be of help in the right hands, in the hands of the New Republic. She tells him she can get him to a mobile lab station so he can continue, but it does require them breaking some rules.

The Disposal Yards

At work the next morning, Pershing finds valuable knowledge from the Empire set to be destroyed. He tries to defend its usefulness, but since its Empire, it must be destroyed. He could submit a form, but it’s not typically submitted by an Amnesty Officer. His debrief is a little more hostile that night, with him confirming that helping the Republic is more important than anything else. He and G68 make plans to go retrieve the mobile lab station the next night.

Without their signature Amnesty Officer garb on, they sneak onto a train to the disposal yards to get onto an Imperial ship. Pershing is visibly nervous, not wanting to break any rules or get into trouble, but G68 seems to be a pro, this is how she got his biscuits. They escape the droids scanning tickets, as they don’t have any, and make it to the yards.

Pershing finds what he needs, but not before a platoon of New Republic officers finds them. They stop Pershing and G68, also known as Elia Kane, with the Imperial gear in hand, and as it turns out, Elia set him up. Unfortunately for Pershing, he’s set up at a mind flayer, although he’s promised that the does is small and it’s just to relieve his discomfort. That is until Elia turns the voltage higher. Clearly, someone doesn’t want the knowledge in Pershing’s brain to see the light of day (Gideon…). With Kane already circumventing New Republic ways, I can’t help but think this is how the First Order got started.



Din takes Bo-Katan to the hidden covert, no one will find them there. Paz Viszla stops them, reminding Din he’s an apostate and not welcome, but he assures him that he’s bathed in the waters and he’s redeemed. And he brought proof. The container is brought to the Armorer who confirms that the waters are indeed from the mines, and Din is redeemed. However, so is Bo-Katan, and she’s welcomed into their covert so long as she keeps her helmet on and follows the old Ways.

What will she decide?

Episode 4 of The Mandalorian premieres next Wednesday, March 22 exclusively on Disney+.

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