‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: “Track 2: “I’ll Take You There”

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In the second episode of Daisy Jones & The Six, viewers get introduced to Teddy Price and things seem to be going well for everyone … until they aren’t. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Track 2: “I’ll Take You There.”

Editors Note: spoilers ahead for episode 2 of Daisy Jones & The Six.

The Dunne Brothers arrive at Rod’s front door. Billy reminds him he told them to call if they need anything but they didn’t, did they? He lets them in and they list off everything they’re going to need — a place to stay, gigs on The Strip, money to get them off the ground, a sitdown with Teddy Price — Rod doesn’t seem amused. He’s not a band manager, he’s a tour manager so there’s not much he can do. But he does offer to pull a string at Filthy McNasty’s on The Strip so they at least have a gig.

Graham is on the phone with Karen attempting (and failing miserably, poor flustered Graham) to persuade her to join their band. Billy takes over but Karen wants to hear from Camila that they are worth it. She wouldn’t be in California with them if they weren’t. So, Karen agrees.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Meanwhile, at Simone’s apartment, she comes across her door open and noise inside. She grabs hold of a nearby vase upon entry, ready to hit whoever it is over the head with it only to find Daisy in her kitchen. Daisy attempts to sweet talk Simone into letting her stay with her permanently by making her dinner. She knows she can’t stay at home anymore and Simone did say she was looking for a roommate (to help pay bills) but Daisy promises to get a job and help.

The band has moved into their first house (where a woman died a week previously) but at least they get to live in the beautiful mountains of Laurel Canyon! Karen officially moves into the house and her welcome from the boys (Eddie, Graham, and Warren) is them playing pirates half naked, and drunk in the living room.

After one of their sets, Eddie, Billy, Camila, Karen, Graham, and Warren are out to eat at the diner. Unfortunately, they barely have enough money to cover their rent. Karen suggests they change their name. Three of them aren’t Dunnes and she is nobody’s brother. Billy pushes back. That’s what people know them as, so they should keep it. After throwing out a bunch of names, Billy says the six of them will never agree. Karen suggests “The Six.” Though there aren’t six of them, they all like the name.

Simone is performing at The Troubador. Teddy Price walks in just as Daisy takes the stage to perform. He likes what he sees so much that he hands her his card. He wants to know if she’d like to work with Ellemar Records. With a little shaping, she could be the next big thing. Daisy doesn’t want to be shaped, so she politely declines.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Billy and Graham are out picking up a few necessities for the house when Graham sees Teddy walk in. He flags down Billy to tell him and Billy rushes back inside to talk to him. Teddy dismisses him at first but after Billy gives him a passionate speech about how much of a mistake it would be to not listen to them perform a song, Teddy hands him his card.

Back at the house, Billy is practicing for Camila. He doesn’t feel comfortable performing any of their music because it isn’t good enough until he plays a little something he’d been working on for her “Silver Nail” and she tells him that’s the one.

Teddy liked what he heard and it went so well that he sent them out to clubs to perform. After a night at the Whisky, Teddy pulls Billy aside to tell him that the label agrees that it’s time for them to cut an album. Meanwhile, Daisy is persistent about not wanting to change her style. So she works hard to prove why she doesn’t need to.

The Six are recording “Turn Around (Look Me in the Eyes)” for their album which they recorded in six days and it’s time for them to go on tour. Before they leave, Camila decides it’s time to tell Billy that she’s pregnant. That night, the two of them get married. Billy calls Camila regularly at first, until the calls become inconsistent and then basically nonexistent. So, she pays them a visit on tour. She knocks on the motel door but nobody is answering. Cami sees Eddie and Graham coming and they attempt to deter her, but she’s not stupid, and she slams the bus door open. She finds someone on top of Billy and another making out with him. After Billy gets out of the shower, he takes a bump and Cami angrily pushes him against the wall. She doesn’t care what he does now, but when the baby comes, he’s going to get clean and step up because he will not ruin their lives.

He thought he’d be able to handle it and get it out of his system but that wasn’t the case. During one show, Teddy pops in to tell him that Camila gave birth to a little girl and it’s time to go meet her. Once they get back home, Billy refuses to get out of the car but Teddy forces him to get out of the car. Once he does he breaks down — he can’t be seen like this. Teddy reminds him he doesn’t get a second chance at this. Seeing the state Billy is in, he takes him to a rehab facility to get clean, leaving Camila all by herself in the hospital.

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