‘The Company You Keep’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Against All Odds”

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The Company You Keep is back with more heists! They also have Emma meeting the parents for the first time, David’s campaign plummeting, and more.

Siblings at War

When Connor starts pressing Daphne for the money, she gets anxious and shows up at the bar. In a conversation with Charlie, she ends up showing too much of her hand and giving him some more information that he needs to get the upper hand.

When seeing the tracker that is normally on Ollie is all over town, Birdie gets worried, only to learn that Ollie snuck it into Daphne’s bag when she was at the bar. They see from the tracker that Daphne has been making stops all over town and talking to what would be her competition.

Using this information and the knowledge of who her dad is, Charlie and Birdie call Connor and tell him some of what they know.

Horse Race

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One of Charlie and Birdie’s childhood friends, Jones, asks them to work a con with them. When they get into it, they learn that he’s trying to convince his “fiancé” to buy a racehorse they don’t own for millions of dollars.

Once they meet the girl and look into her, they see that she doesn’t deserve to be stolen from and decide to turn the con around on Jones. They get her in on it and lay out how they plan to do it. She helps them convince Jones that they should test the real value of the horse on race day.

They mass post on social media and use word of mouth to get people to bid high in favor of the horse, so they can make the value seem higher. The bets let them do some side bets as well and make money while getting Jones to have to throw some of his own money in. A part of the twist is that the horse is a losing horse, but they leave before anyone finds that out.

They manage to trick him into thinking there was an error on his end, and that’s why he didn’t get the money from his fiancé. To keep the gig up, they pretend to be upset with him over it.

Meeting The Family

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While sneaking out of Charlie’s one morning, Emma runs into Ollie, who’s sitting outside. The two talk briefly before Emma goes out. Later, Ollie asks Charlie about her in front of Birdie, who isn’t all that impressed with Charlie dating again already. This leads to the whole family learning about the relationship and Charlie telling Emma she has to meet everyone now.

Emma goes to the bar shortly after and meets everyone. She gets along great with the group but doesn’t win Birdie over immediately. Emma doesn’t let that stop her, though, and she pushes her to get her to open up. They play darts together, with Emma letting Birdie underestimate her skills before showing off that she’s great at it as she opens up and shares more about herself.

Campaign Chaos

David struggles when a hate ad comparing him to his dad is run. He fights to prove that he’s different and his own person but doesn’t succeed. At one point, he reaches Fox, who informs him that the party is considering pulling support from him. She tries to convince him to meet her for lunch to help.

Later, David gets the official notice that the party is pulling the support which they need for the campaign to succeed. He asks his manager to keep it under wraps before answering Claire’s text and agreeing to go out to lunch.


At the end of the episode, Charlie walks outside and is grabbed by a group of people. They get him in a van and drive away.

The Company You Keep is back on Sunday, March 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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