‘The Company You Keep’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “The Truth Shall Set You Free”


Charlie has to work out a con that will keep everyone happy while Emma tries to save her case in The Company You Keep.

Two Jeffs

The CIA tries to put a stop on Emma’s case unless she gets enough information to make them want to finish pursuing it. After learning this, Charlie gets pulled into a meeting with Patrick and Daphne. There he learns that Patrick and Connor want to meet with Daphne’s arms dealer, but Daphne doesn’t want them there. Emma sees this as the opportunity to get her case through and tells Charlie that it needs to happen.

Working with his family, Charlie sets up a plan using a tactic called “Two Jeffs” where they make Patrick and Connor think they’re talking to an arms dealer when they’re not but also trick Emma into thinking the same thing. In order to do this, they have Patrick and Connor have a meeting with Simon and pretend he’s the arms dealer while Leo and Charlie pretend to be the Maguires as they talk to the real arms dealer.

To convince Emma, Birdie has cameras set up and feeding to her laptop in a way that makes it look like they’re all talking to each other. This backfires on them when one of the cameras gets bumped and reveals Simon’s actually the one talking to them. Birdie begs Emma to not blow this all because her family is at risk, including Ollie, who they let help with the con by planting a camera. Emma sits back down but isn’t happy about it and storms off after the train stops. Patrick spots her as she’s leaving and thinks Connor set him up.

With the information from the meet-up, Emma is still able to present it and make her case. She gets to the office and learns that her supervisor was replaced, though. The guy that took over is interested in using this case as leverage to use the Maguires to get another high-end case. Emma isn’t happy about this and ends up going to Daphne to see if she’ll work with her to turn against her father in exchange for her freedom.

The Past and The Future

ABC/Raymond Liu

Early in the episode, Fran’s ex from before she started seeing Leo shows up at the bar, to Leo’s dismay. He pokes about them potentially selling the bar. They turn him away, but he comes back later with an offer he got while asking around. He tells them that they don’t have to accept it, but he’ll move forward if they want to and won’t charge his normal commission. They look at the offer together and see it’s for $4.5 million.

Later in the episode, Leo talks to Fran about them accepting the offer. He opens up that they need to think about where his condition is and where it’s headed.

Charlie and Emma

After the con with the arms dealer, Charlie and Emma meet up so she can collect the information and wire. The two fight about how the con went and that he tricked her. He tries to explain why they did it but she accuses him of doing it to make Daphne happy. Charlie argues back that she put him in this position and told her to get close to her.

After the fight, Charlie goes to Daphne and shares with her a recording from the con where Patrick says that he’s taking back over the company and Daphne is out. Shortly after, Daphne kisses Charlie, but he ultimately pulls away and leaves.

A little bit later is when Emma shows up. She gives up enough during the conversation that Daphne connects the dots to her and Charlie being exes. Daphne goes to Charlie after thinking on it and tells him that she knows he’s working for the CIA and that Emma is his ex, before telling him to let Emma know that she’s in.

The Hills

An unknown threat looms over David’s campaign, which leads to Grace confronting Clarie Fox herself. She works out a deal with her that Clarie will leak Grace’s memoir that has information about the affair and additional details that make it interesting enough for Claire to want to leak it.

Following this, David has a debate. During the debate, he’s answering a question when he gets worked up and walks out. After it, he’s in the car with Jennifer trying to leave, and it won’t start. When he tries again, Jennifer notices a ticking noise and tells him to get out of the car before rushing to get herself out. The pair barely make it out before it explodes.

The season finale of The Company You Keep is on Sunday, May 7 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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