‘The Company You Keep’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Truth Hurts”

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The season one finale of The Company You Keep leaves several characters going against everything they’ve ever known.

The Collar Bar

Leo and Fran commit to selling the bar. Birdie isn’t very happy with the idea, though. When Fran’s ex stops by to talk to them about it, Ollie sees brochures in his bag about what he’s planning to do to the bar and gives them to her mom.

The brochures show the whole block being bought out and turned into an upscale area. Birdie informs her parents, who are upset about being lied to about what would be happening. They decide to con the ex out of his investors so he didn’t try going after any other people in the area.

After signing papers, they bring the investors to a restaurant on the dock that shows the truth of what the area is like and drives them to pull out of the deal.

One Term Senator

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After the car bomb that was intended for Emma, David and Jennifer are okay but roughed up. The night had driven David’s votes up, though, and he was winning the race. He had no plans to take it, but Jennifer pushes him to be the change.

He announces that he’s only going to be a senator for one term because he doesn’t want to be tempted by political influence and corruption to get another term. Afterward, while David is sleeping, Jennifer answers a phone call and talks to her mom in a different language. The conversation implies that she’s playing David.

The Maguires

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Patrick is upset that Connor tried handling Emma with a car bomb because it drew attention to them. Daphne tries to use it to get an in with Patrick again. After the meeting, she goes and meets up with Charlie and Emma. The three work out their plan to trick Patrick, but it’s tricky with the CIA tailing Emma. When Emma has to leave, Daphne mentions that she’s thinking about staying in town and that she and Charlie could work together still.

Charlie is informed of a new location for the guns hand-off, but Daphne isn’t. Connor is waiting for her at the original location and is close to killing her when Emma shows up and shoots him in the shoulder. He slips off into the water before she can catch him, though, and disappears.

Meanwhile, Charlie is with Patrick and lets him know that he’s been played. With the plan, Charlie tells Patrick that the Feds are coming, but so are the guns. Patrick doesn’t believe him and thinks Charlie switched out the guns on him, but she is shocked to see that they are where they’re supposed to be.

People move in to arrest everyone there, which leads to chaos. Charlie manages to slip free as Emma shows up and gets caught by Patrick. He sees and runs after her. To get her, he manages to get Patrick frightened enough to shoot him. After he does, snipers shoot and kill Patrick. Emma rushes to Charlie and finds he was wearing a bulletproof vest and is okay. During the commotion, Daphne slips away.

No Longer CIA

When Charlie learns about the car bomb and doesn’t know who was in the car, he rushes to see if Emma is okay. This leads to them pretending they’re dating so they can work the Maguire situation. Charlie is now on board because they tried to hurt Emma.

They try to work out their relationship, but Charlie tells her they can’t be together because they live two different lives. Birdie and Charlie decide after that instead of just conning for money, they want to con to level the playing field for the rich and less fortunate.

Emma feels burned by the CIA, decides to quit, and partners with some of her friends on the inside to take down the people on the inside. Emma manages to have the funding to back this by stealing the crypto that Patrick was going to pay for the guns with by doing a card trick when he had her hostage. They ask if she still has the asset that she never reported.

At the end of the episode, Charlie and Emma run into each other at a bar when Charlie is working a con. He slips her some information she wanted and mentions that he heard she quit her job. The two flirt before Charlie leaves to follow his mark.

As of right now, The Company You Keep hasn’t been renewed for season 2. Keep watch here for updates!

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