‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight”


In the third episode of Daisy Jones & The Six, Daisy finally meets The Six and they record together for the very first time. Keep reading for what happens in “Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight.”

Editors Note: spoilers ahead for episode 3 of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Daisy presents a new song she’s been working on to Teddy. He asks if she wants a drink but all she cares about is if he likes it or not. He likes it and asks what she wants. She wants to make a record that people will listen to until it breaks, then she wants to make another one. Teddy says she’s got one good song so now all she needs is 10 others. She tells him to give her a week.

Billy exits rehab and Graham comes to pick him up. In the car, Graham is updating Billy on what he’s missed. Eddie built his own bass and they’re trying a new backing session on “Look Me in the Eye.” Billy interjects, he just wants to meet his daughter first. As Graham begins talking about Julia, Billy starts to tear up before having a full-blown meltdown.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Once home, Camila and her mom are taking care of Julia. Billy awkwardly enters and Camila asks if he wants to hold her. He doesn’t want to make her mad so he declines. Camila puts Julia down for a nap and Billy offers to pick them up things from the store, but they need nothing. The scene cuts to footage of Warren, Eddie, and Graham talking about life after Billy entered rehab. The label dropped them a week after the tour got canceled and they had to pay back their advances. Eddie and Warren picked up odd jobs at a body shop and down at the harbor cleaning boats (while also doing lots of mushrooms).

Graham tries to get Billy to play some music but Billy says he’s out of the band, he can’t do it anymore. He asks Graham to tell the rest of the band for him but his brother assures him he can do that part himself.

Simone gets invited to an event and Daisy tags along. There, Simone catches the eye of Bernice (Bernie). They hit it off and Bernice writes down the address to the club she works at in New York. She tells Simone to stop by if she’s ever in town.

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The Six aren’t taking the news of Billy leaving well. Eddie and Billy get into a heated encounter where Billy claims they don’t even need him. They have the songs and the fanbase, they’ll be fine. Eddie tells Billy that if he’s going to leave he should just go. So, they decide to audition for a new frontman. Billy, meanwhile, is slotting into the DILF role perfectly. He’s picking up odd jobs around the house to give him something to do.

Teddy stops by and tells him he thinks he’s doing the right thing but Billy knows the band asked him to pay a visit. Graham and Karen are at a party scoping out a new frontman but they can’t find anyone eligible. Karen, instead, is thinking about getting drunk and having sex. Karen thinks they should just go for it and Graham takes it as his window of opportunity. The Six feel like they’ve seen every singer in the state of California. Eddie knows he’s no Billy, but he’s decent enough.

Simone is in the studio recording music when the producer asks if she wants to hear the take back. She heads behind the soundboard and he asks if she wants to sit down. As she moves to walk past him to sit in the empty spot next to him, he pulls her onto his lap. She’s visibly uncomfortable and gets up quickly and moves across the room.

Billy suggests he, Camila, and the baby move back home to Pittsburgh. He’ll get a job in construction, she can get a job at the paper taking photos; they’ll also be closer to their families. Camila asserts she moved to California for them, not just him. Billy claims he’s weak and he can’t be in this environment anymore but Camila tells him to pick up his daughter for once. Does he think she wasn’t scared of having to take care of their daughter while he wasn’t there? She faced it and didn’t leave. So what is he afraid of? He’s afraid of messing it all up. But once he picks her up he can’t put her down.

It’s Christmas time and the gang is having a blast celebrating the holidays. After putting Julia to sleep Billy asks if he can play something for all of them. Eddie promptly tells him no, but after glares from the rest of the band, he calls him back into the room. Billy presents the song to Teddy who shuts it off fairly quickly. He likes the song, but he burned a lot of bridges with the label when canceling the tour. Teddy promises to play it for them and see what they say. The rest of the team says no, they already gave them a chance.

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Instead, Teddy plays it while Daisy is over giving updates about her songs. She’s hit a roadblock in her music. She overhears Billy singing and asks what the song playing is. Teddy thought it was something, but the label didn’t like it. He sees the wheels turning in her head so he asks her what she would do to it.

Daisy basically re-writes the entire song and meets The Six and Teddy in the studio. They do the first take and Billy notices the lyric changes to “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb).” He confronts Teddy, angry that he lied about the label liking the song as is and that she changed the whole song. He eventually puts his pride aside and records Daisy’s version of the song, which is the version they ended up going with in the end.

I was just going to tell you I like the sound of your voice.

Daisy Jones

Billy listens back to the recording as Camila’s voiceover is heard asking him how the recording went. He tells her it was a nightmare; the whole thing was a wash. He then isolates Daisy’s vocals and nods his head to the beat. Daisy, meanwhile, thinks it was the best day of her life.

The first three episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for our weekly content, including our episodic recaps!

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