‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 “Track 1: Come and Get It”


The first episode of the limited series based on the Taylor Jenkins Reid novel Daisy Jones & The Six was officially released on Prime Video. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Track 1: Come and Get it.”

Editors Note: spoilers ahead for the series premiere of Daisy Jones & The Six.

The episode opens with a video montage of the band set to “Let Me Down Easy.” Daisy is being interviewed, and she talks about when she first fell in love with music. During parties at her parent’s house, she would stay in her room and listen to music. Daisy was born into wealth and she had everything at her disposal, but she was entirely alone. As she got older, she’d spend her time sneaking into clubs on the Sunset Strip (as a minor), just to catch glimpses of the artists playing — The Who, Zeppelin, Cream — she viewed the world through rose-colored glasses and that got her into some rather upsetting situations, but she was a minor, a child. She wasn’t purposefully naive. Daisy no longer wanted to feel as though she was “helpless” or “weak” so she turned to music and writing her own songs.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Billy, living in Hazelwood, Pennsylvania, wanted something different out of life. Men and boys, they go into the military or work at The Mill. Either way, they were the sole providers. Billy’s younger brother, Graham, was also into music and wanted to start a band with his friends, one that he claimed Billy was also joining to get them to agree. Billy was originally there to supervise and listen to them until he realized they needed a lot more. So, he became the frontman for the band that would soon be dubbed “The Dunne Brothers” consisting of Warren Rojas, Eddie Roundtree, Billy and Graham Dunne, and Chuck Williams.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

The year is 1970 and The Dunne Brothers are performing at all sorts of events — proms, Sweet 16’s, graduation parties — performing for them was a means of escape. That is until one night when they were on stage and an older man (Billy and Graham’s father) is seen dancing with a younger woman in the crowd. This enrages Billy because he had left them when they were just four and eight years old. He wasn’t supposed to be there. When Billy darts off stage to confront him he at first acts like he does not know his son’s existence, until he says he’d recognize the guitar perched on stage anywhere; he had gifted it to Billy. Billy grabs it and forces it in his hands forcing him to take it but he doesn’t want it, it was a gift. So Billy smashes it on the floor into pieces. It’s then that Billy proclaims they will be the biggest band in the world someday.

Daisy’s mom is ruffling through her journal when Daisy enters her room and snatches it from her. She asks if any of the lyrics are any good and instead of answering, her mom tells her she’s a “pretty girl” before exiting the room.

Billy is at the laundromat where Camila Alvarez is watching him from a distance. When she approaches, she attempts to ask him a question, but he assumes she’s wondering if he’s Billy Dunne to which he responds he is. She plays it coy, wondering if she should know who he is (of course she knows), and it humbles him fairly quickly. He asks for her number and if she gives it to him, he’ll write her a song. She asks him if that line has ever worked but it’s the first time he’s ever used it.

Billy gets invited over to Camila’s house for dinner and they discuss what he does for a living. Her dad asks if being a musician pays the bills and Camila cuts in to tell him it will. Graham never doubted it for a second but not everyone felt the same, including Chuck who had gotten into a dental program, which means he’d be leaving the band. Now without their bassist they talk about canceling their upcoming gig but Billy tells Eddie to switch over to bass instead. Eddie begrudgingly agrees.

Daisy meets Simone at a party in the hills and tells her she’s way too cool to be singing backup for Penny Richardson. They quickly hit it off, Simone tells Daisy she’s seen her all over the strip. So what is she doing in the crowd and not on the stage where she wants to be?

The band is at the venue watching The Winters perform. Graham is entranced by Karen who he introduces himself to. Karen asks if he knows where there’s a good spot to eat, but Graham wonders why she isn’t sticking around to watch them perform. She gives an empty promise of “next time.” She comes back to watch their set with Rod Reyes, the tour manager. Rod presents a lot of ideas to the band, including focusing on fewer guitar solos, and less on political music. And oh, they have to move to California if they want to make it.

Rod told me to wear low-cut shirts. I told Rod to eat sh-t, and that was that.

Karen Sirko
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Billy has to break the news to Camila that they’re going to move to California to pursue their dreams. He says she can come, but she has her own career to focus on. She doesn’t want to follow a boy across the country. He tries to comfort her but she stands up to go inside and tells him he still owes her a song. Inside, she lets the tears flow that he’s moving away. Her mom says she can’t turn her back on her family, it’s the most important thing. But Camila reminds her she did. So, Camila packs her things and meets the boys outside to go with them.

Daisy is pumping gas when she hears the song she wrote “Stumbled on Sublime” on the radio. She’s flabbergasted. At a diner, she’s talking to Gary about taking benzos to wake up. She takes them with coffee and champagne to even out the effects (she calls them an “up and down”) he tells her he’s going to use that in a script one day and she loses it. How does he know she wasn’t planning on it? She rushes out of the restaurant after he calls her a muse.

I’m not interested in being anybody’s muse. Not yours, not anybody’s. I’m not the muse, okay? I’m the somebody.

Daisy Jones

He laughs in her face so she drives away and heads to a bar to see if she has what it takes or if everyone else is right about her. She sits down to play the piano and after one song she seems pretty content that she can, in fact, do this. Meanwhile, Eddie, Billy, Camila, Warren, and Graham have arrived in California.

The first three episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for our weekly content, including our episodic recaps!

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