‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 5 “Human Resources”

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This week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star sees Marjan contemplate her beliefs after Internal Affairs comes after her as Grace has her own troubles at work with a little boy constantly calling 911. Meanwhile, the Honor Dogs’ plan starts to get bigger and more concerning.

Keep reading to see what happened on “Human Resources.”

A Bigger Mission

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A guy has a bunch of mannequins outside a school bus (totally not creepy) and after clicking a remote, a bomb goes off on the bus. A man hiking runs over to see if the guy is okay, but he just gets shot right in the head.

He later shows up at the 126 during a call, and Marjan is the only one at the firehouse. He brings up Firefox and how big of a fan he is and how they always get the big ones. The guy says he was in the Army and wants to fill out an application. Marjan grabs an interest card for him, and he steals a walkie-talkie. After getting the card, he stays for a moment, then leaves.

The guy, who goes by Mr. Smith, checks out a unit in need of a renovation, and when the building manager steps away to take a call, he plants something on a bookcase. The building is quickly up in flames, and the 126 respond.

Internal Affairs

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Asha Fulton, from the Professional Standards Division of AFD Internal Affairs, visits the station to investigate a recent complaint. She questions Owen about the way he runs the 126 and its “cowboy culture” reputation. Asha also questions the rest of the crew, who name off several people who could have potentially filed the complaint (see: Pearce the paramedic and “Lard Ass”).

Asha tells Marjan that the complaint was against her and brings up the mobile home rescue from “The New Hot Mess.” Marjan recalls the events of the rescue, but Asha tells her it wasn’t about her work. It was about calling the ex-wife a crazy lady. The complaint is about how Marjan made her feel unsafe, and Marjan wonders how much trouble she’s in.

Marjan admits to the others that it’s her who got in trouble and says they won’t know much until the IR board has reviewed all the facts. After going off on the situation, Owen warns her to be careful with what she says so she doesn’t escalate it. He says they want to see them at headquarters today, which worries Marjan. It doesn’t help that Cap benches her when they go on a call.

At headquarters, Marjan and Owen come face-to-face with Lila and Mitch, who have since decided to reconcile. Owen wonders why Mitch isn’t in jail for what he did, and Mitch says he only got a fine. Marjan apologizes for what she said, and while the Geralds like what she said, they want her to say it again just like that … on social media since they know how many followers she has. They also want her to tag their GoFundMe. Marjan doesn’t have a problem making a public apology; she just doesn’t feel comfortable soliciting money from her followers.

Standing Up

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Mitch and Lila have posted a video detailing what happened and asking people to donate to their GoFundMe, but Marjan isn’t sure she wants to link to it. She wants to take a stand, even if it means resigning. Marjan knows that her followers look up to her, and this isn’t what she believes in.

At the building fire, Marjan and Paul go up the ladder to save a woman and her neighbor, who is deathly afraid of heights. Paul gets the woman out, but Marjan has trouble with the neighbor, who won’t let go of a pillar. He’d rather die. Afraid to mess up, Marjan tries to reason with the occupant, and not wanting to wait, Paul punches him and knocks him out.

Paul shows up at Asha’s office to try to talk her into talking to the higher-ups into dismissing the complaint since it’s against what Marjan believes in, praising her and her hard work. Asha discreetly lets him look at an email she just sent, trying to do that very thing. Unfortunately, she got a call not long after hitting send, and the AFD would rather not be involved in a lawsuit.

Marjan shows Owen a video she posted, her apology. However, it wasn’t all just her apology, she stood up for herself and went against the AFD’s wishes, admitting what the Geralds were doing. And how she can’t work for a place that makes her feel unsafe.

“So, effective immediately, I hereby am resigning from the AFD.”

Marjan admits to Owen she was afraid of doing her job wrong. She’d gladly walk through fire for Cap, but she can’t do it on eggshells. While Owen is upset, he’s proud of her and understands why she did what she did.

The 126 share a heartfelt goodbye with Marjan, promising to keep in touch, she’ll be back in time for the Tarlos wedding, and she’ll be safe. She rides off on her new motorcycle, courtesy of Owen.

A Familiar Face

While Asha questions Paul, she can’t help but feel that she knows him from somewhere but can’t put her finger on it. When she finally does, it’s revealed that the two were in the same sixth grade class in Chicago. She went by Jasmine in Chicago, but after moving to Texas in the seventh grade, she went by her middle name. And who wouldn’t recognize Paul with that smile that he has?

A Call for Help

A little boy, Linus, calls 911 twice for things that are not emergencies. The first time was for help in solving multiplication and the second for burning mac and cheese and his great-grandmother’s casserole dish.

Grace wonders why he isn’t in school, and he tells her that his mom has a headache, so she let him stay home and watch Star Wars. Linus’ mom gets up, slurring her words, and tells her son to only call in emergencies. She talks to Grace, who assures her that no one is going to get arrested. The mom says that her “fun” doesn’t know any better and says the word “emergen-shees,” which puts her on Grace’s radar.

Grace expresses her concerns to her boss, Sara, and plays back the recent call. She also discovered that the mom got a DWI six years ago after a divorce and suggests they send someone over for a wellness call. Sara cautions her that while it’s her call to make and she’s usually right, she should think about the consequences.

Gut Instincts

At home, Grace has trouble focusing since she keeps thinking about Linus’ mom. She tells Judd about the little boy and how she thinks something bad might be going on at home. Not knowing is what’s bothering her. Judd suggests checking it out herself, and they make it a family affair. Judd and Charlie stay in the car, and Grace knocks on the door. Soon, Linus’ mom collapses, and Grace calls Tommy for help. Tommy figures that the mom is having a stroke, and she talks Grace through what to do. Since waiting for an ambulance would take too long, she and Judd carry her to the car and drive to the hospital.

While waiting for information on Linus’ mom at the hospital, Grace talks to Tommy about how she felt being on the other end of a 911 call and feeling out of control. Grace expresses her appreciation for Tommy, knowing she couldn’t have done it without her.

Soon, Grace is told by a doctor that if she had waited 20 more minutes, they’d be having a different conversation. Linus’ mom is going to be okay.

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