‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “The New Hot Mess”

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Following the events of the season 4 premiere of 9-1-1: Lone Star, T.K. and Carlos find themselves trying to talk Iris into a divorce, but it may not end well for different reasons. Meanwhile, Owen infiltrates the motorcycle gang for the FBI and finds someone he didn’t expect as Tommy struggles with her sinful ways.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “The New Hot Mess.”

A (Really) Mobile Home

A woman, Lila, wakes up to a rumbling sound, and after looking out the window, she calls 9-1-1. It turns out that her ex-husband, Mitch, is literally stealing her house and driving with it… with her in it.

The 126 keeps a good distance away on the highway as Sergeant O’Brien tries to pull over Mitch, but he refuses. The house is constantly losing pieces, so they don’t have much time. Lila says that Mitch has an open lot in Birch Glen, and Paul sees an intersection at the exit he needs to take.

T.K. and Marjan come from above in a helicopter, and since Marjan has done more than a few of those types of rescues due to floods in Florida, she takes the leap and goes down the line from the helicopter. With the engine pulling up beside Mitch and Owen trying to talk him down, Marjan saves Lila (after some refusal since she’s the one who owns the house).

Once Marjan and Lila are safe, Sergeant O’Brien has the LAPD and S.W.A.T. ready to stop him. That wasn’t necessary, though, since the house gets caught on a mile marker.

Matter for the FBI

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Owen meets with two FBI agents to talk about the Honor Dogs. Agent Kacey tells him that they are a group of fringe separatists whose stated goal is to return Texas to its founding fathers. Her partner says that they landed on their domestic terror watch list a year ago. Agent Kacey has reason to believe that the Honor Dogs are planning an attack in the city, and a truck was found carrying a substance used to take out a building in Oklahoma City, and it’s three times the amount. The agents want Owen to plant an RF transmitter in the private office.

Owen rides up to the Honor Dogs’ place, and he acts as normal as ever, trying to get information from a bartender, Red. He goes to the restroom in hopes of finding the private office, and he plants the transmitter under a table just before getting caught by O’Brien.

After going to the restroom, Owen meets back up with O’Brien, who is an Honor Dog. He wonders what Owen is doing there and asks him questions about it. O’Brien tells Owen he’s not welcome there.

Owen later meets with Kacey in a parking garage, expressing his concerns about O’Brien. Since he planted the device and activated it, Kacey tells him that the mission is over. However, Owen didn’t activate it, not knowing it was supposed to be turned on. Kacey says she’ll find out O’Brien’s schedule, so he’s not there when Owen is there, but she wants him to wait for him.

When Owen gets home, O’Brien is waiting for him with the transmitter. Owen confronts him, not admitting who he’s working for. He tells Owen to grab a helmet since they’re going for a ride.

Sinful Thoughts

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Tommy shows up to the Call Center, and she and Grace talk about Reverend Parks. Grace is bringing up some impressive things about him, trying to see if he called Tommy, but she hasn’t called him back. Tommy doesn’t like that he’s her pastor, and Grace tries to talk her into it, though Tommy doesn’t think she can have another wedding night. She does know she needs something more than a dinner companion.

Reverend Parks visits the station, and Tommy admits to a curious Nancy and T.K. what her situation is. Nancy finds it amusing.

“You came on to a pastor at your church? You’re going to Hell.”

T.K. and Nancy “stock” the ambulance while overhearing their captain’s conversation with her pastor. She apologizes to him since she didn’t know who his boss was, who sees everything. Reverend Parks thinks it’s God that brought them together, and He works in mysterious ways. He asks Tommy out for dinner, and she obliges. After he leaves, Nancy tells Tommy she’s going to burn.

Reverend Parks shows up to Tommy’s for dinner, and it turns into a pretty hot one. Tommy wakes up in a sweat, knowing she’s going straight to Hell.

Tommy talks to Owen at the station and talks to him about Reverend Parks and the interesting circumstances. After asking for some subtle details about the sex dream, Owen wonders if she likes the church, and Tommy says she does. She has to say no since he has a similar experience. If things don’t work out, she can’t go back. Unfortunately, Tommy already said yes. Owen has the idea of bringing a buffer.

Reverend Parks again shows up at Tommy’s for dinner (this time for real), and he notices multiple plates set up. Grace and Judd, with baby Charlie, walk through the door, and Tommy’s girls walk out of their room. It’s a big and awkward dinner, to say the least.

After the Reverend leaves, Grace confronts Tommy about the dinner, and Judd, as confused as ever, didn’t even realize they were caught in the middle of something. Tommy admits she likes him, but Grace thinks she missed her chance. There’s a knock at the door, and Reverend Parks steals a kiss from Tommy, telling her to ditch the chaperones next time.

(Pre)-Marital Problems

T.K. is as worried as ever about how the meeting with Iris will go, and when she does come over, she grills them about their relationship and T.K.’s career as a paramedic (and his more than average comas). T. K. grabs the divorce papers, and Iris is on her way, wanting to read them first and think it over. She tells T.K. she’s exactly what she expected and leaves. T.K. asks Carlos what just happened.

“Iris happened.”

The next day at the station, T.K. catches Nancy up on what happened. He tells Nancy that they fought so hard to have their marriages legally recognized. When they say “I do,” he wants the world to know he does. T.K. has also been thinking about what Iris said about how he was exactly what she expected and Nancy tells him to just ask her.

T.K. visits Iris at the shelter, who tells him that it’s a mistake. T.K. tells Iris that their relationship is not a mistake; they are a match in every way. Iris doesn’t want to file for divorce since they weren’t really married. T.K. should be Carlos’ first and last marriage. She thinks they should get an annulment since their marriage isn’t real. T.K. hugs and thanks Iris, then asks what she meant by exactly what she expected. Iris says he’s a hot mess, a bird with a broken wing; Carlos needs a project; the more tragic, the better. T.K. is his life’s work.

Feeling blue after his talk with Iris, T.K. is not in the mood for dinner and tells Carlos he thinks the marriage is a bad idea. He asks Carlos if he sees him as something that needs fixing; he wonders if he felt he could fix Iris when he married her. Carlos says she didn’t have any signs of schizophrenia when he married her, and he was trying to fix himself, something that wasn’t broken. T.K. asks when he figured it out, and of course, Carlos says it was the day he met him. T.K. is a hot mess, though.

“You’re my hot mess.”

Iris Happened

After getting a call, Carlos shows up at the homeless encampment. An officer takes him to Iris’ car, as he saw divorce papers with Carlos’ name on them on the seat. And Iris is nowhere to be found.

9-1-1: Lone Star airs on FOX on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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