‘Ghosts’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 15 “A Date to Remember”


Nigel and Hetty are at each other’s throats (derogatory), and Thorfinn and Flower are at each other’s throats (affectionate). Let’s break down this week’s episode of Ghosts.

Thorfinn Asks Flower Out

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The episode starts with Flower, Sass, Pete, and Alberta helping Sam write an email. Thorfinn enters and asks her on a date. Flower says yes, and Thorfinn is set to pick Flower up at her room that night.

He’s excited but has no idea what to do for a date. Sam offers to have Jay cook for them to smell. Alberta will sing, and Pete will perform improv. It’ll be great.

Jay is understandably shocked that Sam wants him to throw out their Valentine’s Day plans so he can cook a meal for ghosts to smell. Not only that, but Thor wants him to cook Viking culture food (see: Cod, pig heart, horse, ram’s testicles). He’ll do it, though, because he’s Jay.

Thor and Flower’s Date

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Thor’s incredibly nervous about the date, but it actually goes pretty well. Jay makes his own spin on the ram’s testicles, and Thor tells Flower how he used to eat them before his father went to war. However, one day, his father never came back, and he’s forgotten what they taste like. Thor asks Sam to try them so she can describe the taste, and Sam makes Jay do it. They’re chewy.

Alberta sings them a country song, Pete does improv — 45 minutes of it — and Jay suffers through.

Thorfinn drops Flower off at her room. She tells him that there’s a good chance of a second date. Tonight was perfect. They kiss, and the lights flicker (thanks Thorfinn’s powers). One of the lights even explodes.

Aftermath of the Date

Thorfinn is happy the next morning. The date went very well. Thor and Flower made out afterwards.

Too bad Flower doesn’t remember their perfect night together. Thor says, “We redo. Tonight. Everything exactly the same.” All the details will match perfectly, down to Sam and Jay canceling their plans to make it happen

Flower Opens Up to Sam

They recreate the date. However, halfway through Pete’s non-improvisational improv, Flower lets it slip that she remembers the date. She tells Thor that she didn’t want the date to go well and that she’s sorry.

Sam talks to Flower. Flower didn’t want the date to go well because it would’ve been really amazing if they fell in love. Sam’s confused — wouldn’t that be good? Flower says good things don’t last.

She tells Sam about her history with an old fiancé, Michael. Flower met Michael in Law school (yes, really. Law school), but the universe had other plans. He passed away, and that was her last one-on-one date. Since then, she has never let herself get close to just one person. Last night, she thought she could be happy with just one person, and it was scary.

Sam says she should talk to Thor.

Flower Talks to Thor

Flower tells Thor about Michael, and Thor tells her he cannot die but knows about pain and loss. Bad things happen, but maybe they can be there for each other. Flower agrees, and they become a couple!

Thor’s worried Flower may not remember the conversation. Flower assures him, “I may forget a lot of stuff, but I always remember the important things. Like our date. And that kiss in the hallway.” She asks him to refresh her memory, and they kiss again.

The Hetty and Nigel Rivalry

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While Isaac welcomes Nigel to the mansion, Hetty comes to find him. He’s late to their Weekly Ponder session. Hetty tries to get Isaac to leave with her, but Nigel suggests he could join them. Hetty hates the idea, and Nigel says he can just squeeze between them. Hetty hates it even more. Isaac obliviously says yes.

While Hetty is hanging out with one of the cholera victim ghosts, Pete’s ex, Nancy, Nigel is hosting a welcome tea tomorrow night for his new housemates, and Hetty says it was rude for Nigel to invite her without inviting Nancy. Apparently, though, he invited Nancy yesterday before he invited Hetty. That’s a slight in Hetty’s book.

Hetty and Trevor’s Pillowtalk


Hetty goes to engage in pillow talk with Trevor. The sexual tension between them is serious, but Hetty insists that she still views him “largely as a replacement for the washing machine.” Still, they probably do something sexual, and that scene is heated.

Anyway, she tells Trevor what happens, and he suggests she throws a counter-party at the same time as Nigel’s.

Alberta’s Half-Birthday

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Hetty decides to throw a half-birthday party for Alberta. Alberta is originally iffy about having a party at the same time as Nigel’s party. Hetty tells her that Nigel called Jazz American filth, and Alberta instantly wants to take him down. Sass says it’s going to cause a lot of unnecessary drama in the house. He’s in, and he even thanks Hetty for doing this. Hetty also invites Nancy, who makes her beg for her attendance.

Isaac goes to Nigel’s welcome tea party. No one else came. The whole house stood him up because of Hetty’s party. Isaac confronts Hetty at the party, and she explains what happened with Nigel. Isaac is furious and would not have suspected that from his “supposed best friend.”

Getting Real with Hetty, Isaac, and Nigel


Hetty apologizes to Nigel and Isaac. Hetty was just worried that she was going to be left behind because Isaac is with Nigel so much. Nigel admits that he’s intimidated by Hetty, too. He says, “It’s hard to be a significant other when there’s such a significant … other.” That’s why Hetty was invited last. It was a snub, but Nigel regrets it. The two of them are sorry and admit that they were both being silly.

Isaac leaves, and Nigel and Hetty are instantly at each others’ throats. Hetty says, “You don’t regret the late invite.” Nigel fires back with, “Half-birthday, my ass.” Hetty tells him, “Isaac shall be mine.” Nigel insists that will only happen over his dead body.

Sam and Jay Finally Get Valentine’s Day


Sam and Jay finally have their Valentine’s dinner at home. Jay’s favorite restaurant blacklisted them for canceling so many times in one week.

Jay says it’s okay, but Sam knows it’s not. She has to set boundaries with the ghosts. “To our ghost-free dinner” “Is it really ghost-free?” Yes, it is. Thor is keeping the other ghosts out. They scream on the other side of the door, but at least Sam and Jay have a good time.

Ghosts airs Thursdays at 8:30 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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