‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: ‘Season 1, Episode 2 “Two Bitten, Two Born”

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An unknown force draws Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan closer as the full moon reaches its apex. Kristin has narrowed down her suspect list. Meanwhile, the search continues for Garrett. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Two Bitten, Two Born”.

Can They Be Trusted?

Blake, Everett, Luna, and Harlan run through the woods. They stumble upon the firefighters conducting the search for Garrett. They get in trouble for being in the woods and get sent home. As Luna drives, she can’t help but ask Blake and Everett questions. Harlan tries to stop her multiple times but she wants to know if something bit them. They confirm they have been, but when Everett goes to show them his bite, it’s mysteriously missing.

Call Incoming

As Blake finishes up her shower she sees that there’s a missed call on the motel phone. She hesitantly listens only to hear shuffling around and someone with a distorted voice saying “you’re not safe” on the other end. Spooked, she gets nervous and places the dresser in front of the door.

Blake and Everett sleep for an entire day, tossing and turning in bed. When they finally wake, Everett is under his bed with nail marks on his palms and Blake hears her dad talking on the phone about their loss of insurance. Everett’s mom comes into his room to tell him to get dressed, the investigators from the hospital are downstairs and they want to talk to him. He admits he went to visit a friend, to check on her after the fire because her house had burned. Kristin asks for her number and Everett says she doesn’t have one. It’s a “thing.”


Everett’s friend Connor had visited the hospital to get a look at his leg and a tetanus shot. After receiving the shot, he acts strange and quickly leaves the hospital after receiving a phone call telling him to run. They took his crutches because they don’t want him to go anywhere. They will sedate him and maybe even restrain him next time. “It” will find him; it can smell his blood for miles. He breaks out of the hospital as Everett and Blake are on their way to him. Finding a ripped piece of fence, he attempts to go through it but his cast gets stuck.

Picking up a rock, he slams it onto his cast to break it and tries to crawl away; only to be met with the giant wolf monster that drags him away. Everett discovers the cast just as the police pull up with Blake inside. Kristin says she has a few more questions for him and it looks like he has a few of his own.

Body Goals

Harlan goes to the gym to distract himself from everything going on. As he’s working out, he spots a guy a few spots away and checks him out. He continues his sets on the equipment but has vivid daydreams that include him making out with the mystery gym man. He then sees his fangs come out. Confused, he goes to leave but gets stopped again by the man who asks if his name is Harlan. He says yes and rushes out of the gym, leaving the guy puzzled.

It turns out, Luna is feeling much of the same. She’s in the kitchen on the floor trying to calm herself down and texting Harlan when she hears noises outside. As she gets up to head to the front door, a horse bursts through the door. Snapping out of it she sees Harlan has finally texted her back; they found Garrett.

Search and Rescue

The search for Garrett continues as he battles the never-ending burning flames of the wildfire. As he desperately tries to get out in the open so the search and rescue team can easily see him, he pulls out his flare. Soon after, he passes out from the heat and exhaustion but when he wakes, he sees two glowing “eyes” growling and peering back at him through blurred vision. He raises the flare to get it out of his face just as the team finds him and gets him to safety.

He’s rushed to the hospital where Harlan and Luna are waiting for him as he goes in for a check-up. Unfortunately, Harlan and Luna can’t stay long as Kristin and the police have questions for them.

The first two episodes of Wolf Pack are available on Paramount+.

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