‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Recap: Season 16, Episode 9 “Memento Mori”


In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution, Rossi pins down Elias and the BAU are stuck at a crossroads. Keep reading for everything that happened in “Memento Mori.”

Student of the Game

Rossi is chatting with Sydney, Elias’ wife, when Elias gets alerted someone is in their home. He calls her to check in and ask who it is and once he hears that it’s David Rossi he makes her paranoid, saying he’s a dangerous man and he’ll be home soon to explain everything. But first, Elias visits the Seattle field office to chat with Rossi himself. He tells him that he’s read all his books, and he’s a big fan. His favorite story is the one about the guy that disarticulated bodies and dissolved them in acid. Weird, because the suspect that Rossi is after does the same thing to bodies! Elias tells him he reads true crime, he doesn’t live it.

Eventually, Rossi realizes that if he can get Sidney alone maybe, just maybe, she will talk so they can make an arrest. Unfortunately, Elias has already gotten in her head and after Rossi corners her in the grocery store and offers to take her to the field office himself, she rushes out and to Elias who is recording the entire interaction. He posts it to an anti-government social media page and it prompts the Attorney General to give Prentiss an ultimatum: fire Rossi or she goes out with him, right now.

Prentiss attempts to bring Rossi into Quantico but it’s no use. He isn’t answering his phone. Penelope sees that his phone is off and somebody phished his phone to track it. When she hears a voicemail with her voice that was used, she knows exactly who did it — Tyler Green.

Tyler’s Time

Tyler gets called into Quantico because they can’t get ahold of Ramona. They need someone that can identify Elias in a lineup so they can make an arrest. Tyler lies to them and says that none of the men are the suspects but Penelope urges him to tell her. He lies to her face and repeats that none of them are the suspect. He then books a one-way ticket to Washington.

He tracks Rossi’s phone to Elias’ house but loses signal once it’s turned off. Fortunately, he can follow behind in his car, which he does. Elias takes Rossi to the area the first shipping container was found, intending to kill him. Tyler sours those plans by showing up and demanding information about his sister, Alison. Elias can’t confirm he killed her because he’s killed a lot of Alison’s, eventually telling Tyler she went out like a b*tch. This enrages Tyler and he shoots but Elias aims right for Tyler’s chest, knocking him down. Tyler tries one last time to shoot him but misses.

Sydney’s Still in the Dark

Sydney, meanwhile, is staying at a motel waiting for Elias with their daughters. Once he shows up, she asks if they’re okay. He lets her know there’s one thing left and then they won’t bother them anymore. Elias had thrown Rossi into an underground bunker that has a camera. Penelope gets a ping that he’s live streaming and everyone gathers around. If they want Rossi to live, they must stop their search and never go after him again. The screen cuts to Rossi screaming for help.

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