‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Blinded by the Light”

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Walker returns tonight and the story is starting to dive deeper into Grey Flag and Trey’s time as a Ranger. Things unraveled and Trey’s consequences of insubordination were revealed. Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s episode of Walker.

The Walker Ranch

At the Walker house, August, Bonham, and Abeline are eating breakfast, and Liam arrives with a binder. Liam talks about the horse rescue and that he’s meeting with an accountant. They ask where Cordell is, and he’s meeting with Julia. Bonham stops Liam to talk to him and wants to put together a family meeting with no work or phones.

Julia, Cordell, and The Investigation

Julia and Cordell meet and he shows Julia the box of circuit energy drinks he received. They talk about why it was sent to him, and they don’t know the purpose; Cordell thinks they want him to join. Julia calls them Grey Flag, and Cordell asks her how she knows since that name is highly classified; she says she’s a reporter, and it’s her job to know.

He asks her to tell him something he shouldn’t know. She said don’t be so quick to drop it off at the Ranger crime lab and that there could be moles. Larry calls Cordell, interrupting their conversation.

Cordell arrives at the Side Step and meets with Julia. He tells her he didn’t submit the drinks to the crime lab. Cordell says he thinks Larry’s personal feelings are clouding his judgment on this case. Julia also asks about Cassie and Trey knowing, which they don’t.

Julia tells Cordell according to her sources Grey Flag is still a thing. and didn’t shut down. They look at some chatter on the dark web about it. He asks who are the people still running Grey Flag, and Julia said she doesn’t know, but Cordell is their prime target.

They talk about the brand of energy drink and how it’s only produced for Marines, and the only way to get it now is through something like eBay. Julia brings up that he told her that the drink became an inside joke within his unit. She asks him to consider the person running Grey Flag is from his unit, but Cordell disagrees.

The next day, Julia brings donuts to the Farmhouse as a peace offering. Cordell shows her a board of all of his people in the marine unit with him. They cross out Coop, for obvious reasons. There are three other men and Cordell says he lost touch with them. Julia has access to a Pentagon database, so she looks them up. Robert Ortiz suffered a heart attack last year and died, Sam Turner was killed in a car accident six months ago, and Tommy Adams is still alive, but his location is unknown. They think he’s the one behind Grey Flag.

Cordell and Julia drive out to the middle of nowhere, where there’s an empty house. Cordell says they’ll need backup, and Julia pulls out a gun. Julia heads towards the house and Cordell thinks it’s a bad idea. As they approach, they’re lit up in spotlights. Someone comes up and tries to tackle Cordell, but Cordell takes him down. It’s Tommy, and he said he sent the energy drinks to his house because he needed to talk to him and warn him, but he wanted to stay off the grid. He says the others didn’t die the way they said they did; they were professional hits. He says they’re being hunted and killed off one by one.

Trey and DPS

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Trey, Cassie, and Cordell all arrive at the Ranger station after being called in. Larry is once again upset by Trey, saying he was late to arrive and that he keeps failing his orders. Larry tells Trey that DPS isn’t pleased and he’s expected to appear in front of a DPS disciplinary board. He tells Cassie and Cordell to follow him to his office. Larry asks if there’s anything they forgot to tell him; specifically about going to Dallas. Cordell says they screwed up big time, and that Cassie said the name Grey Flag, which tipped him off. Cordell explains they thought it was a bomb, and Larry asks how they thought digital watches were a bomb. He gets mad that they both lied to his face.

Cordell, Trey, and Cassie meet up later, and Cordell says he’s never seen Larry like that. They tell Trey to talk to Liam about his DPS hearing.

Trey arrives at the Walker Ranch and says he’s there to see Liam. Bonham offers him a coffee and Trey talks about getting to do a variety of careers, but being a Ranger felt like where he belongs. Bonham tells him he was born to be a Ranger.

The Family Meeting

Bonham and Abeline are doing dishes together and Bonham talks about wanting to do the family meeting. He tells Abeline that he asked Cordell to move out. Abeline yells at Bonham that they’re abandoning Cordell when he needs them most and that she wants him to apologize to Cordell and stay at the farmhouse as long as he needs to.

Bonham and Abeline are waiting for the family to arrive, and Abeline asks what’s bothering him. Liam is at the Side Step with Stella to talk about the rescue, and the accountant recommended that Stella is brought in on paper as a full partner.

Bonham and Abeline are waiting for the family to arrive, and Abeline asks what’s bothering him. Liam is at the Side Step with Stella to talk about the rescue, and the accountant recommended that Stella is brought in on paper as a full partner.

Kevin and Cassie

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Kevin and Cassie go on a date at a restaurant, and Kevin said he asked Ben for a recommendation. Cassie asks about Kevin, and that she tried to do research but couldn’t find anything, and he jokes that he had everything scrubbed like everyone in politics. They talk a little bit about Kevin’s parents; his dad passed away when he was 10, and his mom supported the two of them after he passed.

Kevin arrives at Ranger HQ the next day and says that he heard a rumor at work about Larry going on the warpath, and then Trey told him about the disciplinary hearing. She says it’s fine, and he asks if it is. He says it won’t look good if the mayor is pinning medals on Rangers under review, and tells her that he called in a favor to spin it in a favorable view. She tells Kevin she didn’t ask him to do that, and that he ignored her wishes. She tells him this isn’t going to work.

The Decision

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cordell, Cassie, and Trey are at the DPS meeting. DPS comes back and they rule that the board has decided to terminate Trey’s employment with the Rangers.

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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