‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’ Recap: Episode 1 “Run Away With Me”

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The long-awaited premiere of Nikki Bella Says I Do aired on E! Entertainment. In the episode, Nikki and Artem decide that after four years of being engaged, it’s finally time to get married (with a wedding planned in four weeks). Nikki appoints Brie to be her maid of honor and she must figure out how to plan a bridal shower while Nikki grows frustrated and defeated trying to find a wedding venue. Artem, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to bring his family to the United States from Russia which is impossible because of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

You Want to What?

While perusing the vineyards with Matteo and Artem, Nikki proposes the idea of getting married in just four weeks. Artem is game for it, but with Dancing with the Stars picking back up soon, it doesn’t leave them a ton of time to plan. At Buddy and Matteo’s joint second birthday party, Nikki tells Eileen and Brie their idea, which Brie thinks is insane. She brings Bryan over to tell him their news, he lays the classic Danielson wisdom on thick. It’s not impossible to plan a wedding in four weeks, but to plan a Nikki styled one? Be prepared to not get everything you want.

Nikki realizes she’s going to need a lot of help, so she enlists Brie to be her maid of honor and help her plan a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding in 30 days.

The Dress Debacle

Instead of scrambling to find a dress in a month, Nikki already has her dream dresses from her previous engagement she never got to wear. Brie thinks it’s a little rude to wear a dress she bought in her last relationship, even calling it her “something old.” Ouch, Brie!

Nikki doesn’t seem a problem with it and believes Artem doesn’t either (which is true, it’s the least of his worries), and she already spent the money on finding her dream dresses so why not wear them? Once Brie sees it on her again she realizes the dress was made for Nikki — a sweetheart neckline with beautiful, intricate lace detailing that encapsulates everything from the top to the ballgown skirt. Birdie also thinks it’s breathtaking, telling Nikki she looks like her “Mama” (Brie) but she also looks like herself.

Train to Forever

Brie heads to a florist to make centerpieces for the Napa Valley train bridal shower she has planned. Instead of asking their mom, she calls JJ, their brother, and asks his opinion to include him in the festivities. He approves, teasing Brie for calling him instead of their mom.

On the train, the group play games, including a game of “how well do the bride/groom know each other.” When asked Nikki’s favorite place, Artem quickly answers that it’s France; Paris to be specific. Brie gets in her subtle sisterly dig that Nikki secretly thinks she’s Parisian. Artem notes that it’s where he proposed so it holds a lot of sentimental value to them as well.

Paris is for Lovers

Nikki and Artem are on a date and he gets candid about the improbability of getting his parents to the U.S. for their wedding. He doesn’t plan on getting married ever again so not having them there would be absolutely devastating. But with the war and sanctions in place, the most devastating thing of all would be Matteo never getting to meet his grandparents.

After a battle of trying to find the perfect wedding venue in Napa Valley, it dawns on Nikki that they have the perfect place to get married, the place they got engaged — Paris! Over lunch, Nikki proposes the idea to Artem which would give them not only their dream wedding but it would also allow Artem’s parents to make the trip and meet Matteo for the first time while also being part of their big day.

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