‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “All In”


A dust storm hits the town of Independence, while Calian and Augustus search for Nascha. Let’s jump into tonight’s Walker: Independence.

Kate’s Warning

Abby sees Kate, but Kate is still acting sort of cold toward her. Kate tells Abby she’s frustrated about being back at square one. Kate asks where Shane is, but Abby says Tom’s looking for him. Kate warns her the Davidsons are dangerous and to keep her guard up.

The Return of Hagan

Anna Kooris/The CW

A hat blows into town, and Kate stops to pick it up. She follows someone, and it turns out to be Nathaniel Hagan. He says he’s on business and the two decide to get a drink.

The Side Step is bustling with people and Kate and Nathaniel get a drink. Kate finds out the Davidsons were coming for her.

Hoyt’s in the Side Step and Lucia comes in. Lucia talks about her father’s debts to Randall, and that his death doesn’t change the terms of the deal. Hoyt interrupts, but Lucia needs the money before the end of the day.

They all sit down to play 5 card draw and Nathaniel calls Randall to play with them. He says he doesn’t play with cheaters and points to Hoyt. Kate tells Hoyt to take his shirt off, to show he doesn’t have cards up his sleeves. Randall says his pants too, and cards fall out of his pants.

Lucia asks to join in, and Nathaniel tells her he’ll float her. As they play, Randall thinks that Hoyt and Kate are trying to con them. Kate and Hoyt both say they’re out of the game now. Hagan folds, and Lucia says one more hand. Lucia goes all in on the hand, and raises the ranch as part of the hand. Randall goes all in plus the saloon. Lucia wins the hand.

A flashback shows Kate and Hoyt working up the scheme to beat Randall with Lucia.

Hagan and Kate walk around town after the storm. Kate says she wants to go with him, but he tells her no and that she needs to stop outrunning herself, and to start now. He says he needs someone to keep the soul of Hagans alive. He says he wants to open a shop in Abeline, and wants her to come visit.

Anna Kooris/The CW

Tom and Abby

Abby arrives at the station and asks Tom if he’s found Shane. He tells her he has a promising lead and goes to leave on his horse, but Hoyt is passing by and mentions the dust storm coming. The storm comes closer, and Abby and Tom find shelter at Hagans.

They shut the windows of Hagans, and Tom tells a story about Shane pushing him into the water thinking he stole his candy; his father pulled him out and then beat him for stealing.. but he never stole.

They see a woman out in the dust, who loses her hat in the storm, and Tom runs out to bring her to shelter. She says that she had been to Hagans before where her late husband and she met, and remembers Lucia singing.

Later, the three of them are talking and drinking. She tells Tom and Abby about her secret to a long happy marriage; appreciate every inch of each other. Abby gets up to play on the piano as Tom and the woman dance.

Tom and Abby are later drawing each other, with Abby drawing a very-like drawing of Tom, while Tom’s drawing of Abby is a bit abstract. The two put the drawings on top of the fireplace. He asks about her friends, and she tells him they went somewhere else.

The two get close and almost kiss, but Tom backs away and says goodnight. Later, Tom is seen in bed unable to sleep. As he gets up and opens his door, Abby is there. The two start kissing.

Kate comes back to Hagans to look for Tom after the storm, and as she goes into Tom’s office/room, she sees Abby in his bed.

Tom goes back to the barn to see Shane’s not there and got down from the rope.

Calian, Augustus, and the Search for Nascha

Anna Kooris/The CW

Calian and Augustus are riding their horses and they talk about how there’s a piece of paper that shows exactly where she is; in East Texas. They arrive at a house and see a woman and a little girl. The woman is Nascha, and the girl is her daughter. Calian doesn’t want to go see her. He thought he was coming to rescue her, but she doesn’t need saving or him. Gus says he’ll regret it.

Nascha turns and sees him and calls out for him, and he rides down and they hug. They sit at her table and she tells him she can’t remember Apache. She remembers fire, and people screaming. She can remember him, but she grew up hundreds of miles from there and had adoptive parents. Wherever they moved, she found the nearest native camp and said the only words she remembered in Apache; my name is Nascha, but no one ever understood her. She said she had to let go of one world to be whole in the other. Nascha tells Calian her husband is a good man. Calian asks her if she remembers a corn husk doll she used to have, but she says no.

Nascha’s daughter is outside talking to Augustus when she sees his badge; he tells her he’s the deputy sheriff. She says, “I bet your wife is proud of you.” Gus pauses for a minute, and says, “she used to be.”

As Gus and Calian leave, Nascha’s daughter is seen holding a corn husk doll. Calian and Gus arrive back to Calian’s tribe. A woman comes over to tell Calian that the elders chose someone else as Chief, and he wants to go to war with the rainroad.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights after Walker at 9/8c on The CW.

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