‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Death of Mary Collins”

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Walker: Independence returned from its mid-season hiatus tonight, and it was packed full of action. Let’s dive into season 1, episode 8 “The Death of Mary Collins”.

The Arrival

The episode picks up weeks after the last one. The town has been pretty quiet. Hoyt comes back into town and goes to Hagans, where Abby and Kate are. Augustus arrives, and we find out that he knows about Abby’s identity. Abby searched Tom’s office (while Tom is recovering) and found out he has a sketchbook of plants.

In a flashback, we see the night when Tom was bleeding out and Abby found him. It shows Abby helping him, and she said it wouldn’t have been justice to let him die. Gus says he knows a judge in Austin, and it’s worth a shot to have Abby go talk to him as a witness.

Gus arrives back at the sheriff’s office and sees Tom sitting there. A woman arrives asking for Tom, and she introduces herself as Mary Collins’ sister. Mary, being Abigail’s first name. She said when they got word of Liam and they didn’t hear from her, she got worried.

Gus sees Abby outside the window and makes an excuse to leave, so Abby doesn’t walk in.

Tom takes Charlotte to Hagans, where Gus warns Kate. Kate takes Charlotte up to the room to see Abby as she fills her in on what happened, including how she says Tom killed Liam.

Gus and Abby were about to see the judge, but Tom stops them and asks about Mary. He’s going to go up to the scene of Liam’s murder, and Abby volunteers to go with him.

Tom tells Gus to try and find the person who stabbed him. He had a circular tattoo on his hand and a silver spur on his boot.

At the scene, Tom talks about how Mary was an educated woman and asks where she thinks Mary would have gone. As they’re there, Tom thanks Abby for saving him.


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Calian is tracking and finds a fire. He hears a branch snap and sees someone run away. He’s worried they’re a threat.

Calian comes across a woman, Topsannah, who fights him. As they finish fighting, she says she’s there to save his life.

Topsannah shows Calian her land, where Government Agents came. She said the railroad men would not wait, and they needed to kill them. She said she tracked the men who did this, and Calian’s camp is in their tracks. She tells Calian he needs allies, wherever he can find them.


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Hoyt arrives at Kai’s and asks about alterations. He finds a red envelope full of money. Kai grabs it and says that it’s fake money and it’s a threat. Hoyt asks him if there’s anything in this world he loves more than his own life, and Kai says yes. Hoyt tells Kai to run, and asks if he has a horse. Hoyt and Kai go to see Cordell, the horse.

Gus arrives and fills in Abby about Charlotte showing up. Kai tries to get Cordell to come to him, and after Gus and Hoyt finish talking, Cordell with Kai.

Kai rides Cordell into town, and Kate sees him. He says he has business out of town, and she tells him to hurry back and that she needs some riding lessons.

Hoyt goes back to Kai’s and sees him still there, brushing Cordell. He said he thought about what he asked about what he loved more than his life, and he said there is. He loves Independence and what he built there. He hands Cordell back to Hoyt.

Finding Mary Collins

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Back at Hagans, Kate fills Charlotte in on everything that went on in the town. Charlie says their father was an oil magnate, and Charlotte did not want to renounce her father.

Abby arrives back at Hagans, and Charlotte wants Abby to go to Boston. Charlotte tells Kate that she and Liam were engaged, and he left her for Abby.

Abby asks if Charlotte really wants to help her and to kill Mary Collins. Kate, Charlotte, Abby, Gus, and Hoyt try to figure out how to kill Mary. They talk about getting a body from the coroners, and Hoyt says they can use Abby’s wedding ring.

Charlotte and Abby arrive at the sheriff’s station, saying Charlotte has information. They all go out to look for Mary’s track. Charlotte says Mary would have gone east, towards Boston. Tom sees something and finds a body. On the body is Mary/Abby’s wedding ring to Liam.

Afterward, Charlotte, Kate, and Hoyt drink at Hagans. Charlotte tells Kate that Liam was an arrangement. Charlotte and Kate go back upstairs to the room, where they kiss and spend the night together.

Gus and Abby take a walk, and she thanks Gus for his help. Gus leaves, and Abby remains in the street. She sees a man walking towards her who she mistakes for Tom, but it’s not him.

Charlotte goes to leave and makes peace with Abby. Kate runs to the wagon, kissing Charlotte before she leaves.

Abby, Hoyt, Kate, and Gus, all meet at Hagans and Abby tells them she thinks Tom Davidson might not have killed Liam.

The Worst of Independence

Gus and Hoyt go to look for the man with the tattoo. Gus finds him, gets into a fight, and arrests him for the attempted murder of Tom.

At the Sheriff’s station, Tom questions the man. He says it’s not the man and lets him go.

Tom enters a barn where the man from earlier is hanging there. Tom wants a name. He cuts him down and stabs his hand.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

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