‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season, 2 Episode 2 “Ruins of War”

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At the end of the first episode of the season, we left the members of the team facing danger. Echo, Tech and Omega stuck in a container falling towards the ground and Wrecker and Hunter trying to escape clone troopers in the castle. Now, it is time to learn what happened to our favorite clones. You can find the recap for the last episode here.

Warning: spoilers for “Ruins of War” below!

Hiding in the forest

The thrusters of the container engage when it lands at the edge of a cliff. Hunter orders the clones to lay low until him and Wrecker can come get them with the Marauder. The container is unstable and falls down the cliff. A war chest falls down on Tech’s leg, which is fractured. Echo goes outside and realizes the container still hasn’t landed and they are not safe.

Omega, Tech and Echo are finally out the container. Omega wants to go back to get the war chest, but Echo tells her they don’t have time and that they need to hide in the forest before the search party arrives. Omega is clearly torn about what to do, but finally follows her friends.

The young girl sees someone hiding in the bushes. They are being followed by Romar, a native of the planet. After a few tense moments, the clones invite themselves in Romar’s home to take shelter.

Omega wants to go back to the container with Echo now that Tech is safe. Romar tries to convince them to leave the war chests behind because it’s not worth it. He told them that Dooku took the treasures from the outside worlds, but also from Serenno. Because of that, Romar doesn’t want anything to do with the treasure.

Romar gives the girl a kaleidoscope. At first, she thinks its jewels, but Romar explains to her it is just reflected glass and that it’s a toy. Echo goes out to check for patrols and Romar asks Tech for some tools to repair a data core containing part of his people’s history. Tech immediately starts to work on it.

Escaping the castle

After talking to Tech, Hunter and Wrecker go into the city to find their ship. Captain Wilco orders the troopers to find the missing containers and the renegade clones.

Hunter and Wrecker are now in the city and sees the troopers establishing a perimeter. They contact Tech and says they need to go radio silent. Captain Wilco orders a sweep of the city to find Hunter and Wrecker.

While observing the troopers, Hunter spots old Separatist tanks. They go over them, but they are not in working order. While Hunter is fighting the clone troopers, Wrecker uses a battery to repair a cannon. Imperial air support arrives and Wrecker uses the cannon to destroy it. They finally arrive at the Marauder and immediately start making their way to the other clones.

Omega goes back for the war chest

The data core starts functioning again just when Echo comes back from his patrol. He quickly realizes Omega is gone and that she went back for the war chest. She took a rappelling cord with her to be able to access the container. Echo goes after her and Tech follows them more slowly due to his injured leg.

Echo arrives at the container and sees that the girl already went inside. He uses the rappelling cord to follow her while being under enemy fire who just found the missing container. He locks them inside and tells Omega they have to go.

Tech neutralizes the troopers and faints from the effort. Inside the container, Echo tries to convince Omega the war chest is not important. Omega says she heard him talk with Hunter about how their life has changed because of her. She finally lets the treasure go and they escape the container.

Romar arrives to help Tech who is waking up. Then, he goes near the cliff to throw a line to Echo and Omega while Tech uses a cannon to destroy the Imperial air support. The Marauder finally arrives and Romar gives the kaleidoscope to Omega and says goodbye. On the ship, Omega apologizes for losing the war chest and Echo tells her it’s okay. He reassures her and tells her saving her from the Empire was worth it.

The episode ends with Captain Wilco and Vice-Admiral Rampart talking about retrieval of the war chests. Rampart tells the Captain that he needs to change his report since he wrote that the thieves were Clone Force 99 and that they perished on Kamino. Wilco refuses and is killed by Rampart who doesn’t want Tarkin to learn about the survival of the renegade clones.

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