‘New Amsterdam’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 11 “Falling”

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As New Amsterdam comes to a close, they’re starting to make some big choices for where the characters are going and how their stories will end.

Helen’s Return

Following the shocking reveal last episode that Helen is back in New York, Max fumbles to explain himself to Elizabeth. She gets what he’s going through but makes it clear that she doesn’t want to get caught up in any drama. After they talk, Max gets a text from Helen asking him to meet up with her tonight.

While in the woods, Max shows Elizabeth the texts from Helen and tells her that he’s not going. She tells him that she should so he knows exactly what he wants. After getting back, he goes to the bar where Helen asked him to meet her at but he doesn’t go up to her. He leaves and goes to Elizabeth and kisses her.

One Great Adventure

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A patient is brought in with an allergic reaction that will need to stay at the hospital for the day. He says that he bought a team-building day retreat that is non-refundable so he can’t stay. Max volunteers to take the retreat as a way to escape having to face Helen and with convincing, he gets Lauren, Elizabeth, Ben, and Iggy to go too.

The retreat takes them on a 10-mile hike in the mountains which forces them to unplug from the world. At the end of the hike, they repel down a 200-foot cliff with the goal of it providing clarity. The guide that’s with them is the last to repel down and the stone holding her line breaks as she’s going down. She falls and her ankle gets stuck between two boulders. The doctors rush to help her and find that her heart isn’t beating. They start CPR and Lauren has a device that uses her phone battery so great, a portable defibrillator. While they’re doing that, Iggy starts running off to try to get cell service to call 911.

When they have her heart beating, they try to get her foot free from between the rocks but they’re too heavy to move. After a while, Max and Lauren go off to try to start a fire in hopes of creating a smoke signal. A rock slide starts while they’re there and they rush to help the others again. Ben has taken a hit to the head but is awake and responsive. Max tries again to free the guide but has no luck. The only answer is to amputate her foot.

Once Lauren finishes the amputation, they move away from where the rocks are falling. At this point, Iggy has managed to call 911. The woman is losing too much blood though and they realize that they need to cauterize the wound. They use metal from the repelling kit and the fire to do so. Shortly after, a rescue helicopter shows up.

Risks and Rewards

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An old friend from med school stops by Floyd’s office and reveals to him that his son is in the ICU and requires neurosurgery. Floyd is quick to offer to help and explains to him that he’ll call the best neurosurgery on the east coast to do the procedure. Floyd’s physical part of the surgery is putting the boy in suspended animation to stop his heart and prevent some complications.

After they start the actual surgery on his brain, the radiation team comes in and discovers there was a leak in the OR. They demand that they all leave the OR, but Floyd fights them and insists that they have to stay and finish the surgery. The fight goes on for a bit but the radiation team lets limited staff stay if they wear a monitor and leave when the monitor detects that they’ve been in a certain amount of time.

Reynolds is in the process of starting his heart when his monitor starts beeping. He refuses to leave until the heart starts beating again. Once the heart is beating, they move to another OR to close him up. Despite the high risk of the surgery and the complications, the patient is doing great. Gabrielle and Floyd video chat with his friend from where they’re being kept from the radiation exposure. After the call, they talk about Gabrielle leaving and she reveals that she wouldn’t be going if he asked her to stay.

Endings and Beginnings

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Struggling to sign his divorce papers, Iggy is eager to join in on Max’s adventure. While out there, Iggy is the one to leave the group and look for cell service. As he’s running through the trail, he falls and hits his head. A hallucination of his younger self follows him after that. The pair get into an argument that gives Iggy some clarity.

Back at the hospital, Martin stops by when he hears about Iggy. As they talk about what happened, Iggy gives Martin the signed divorce papers. Martin tries to refuse them at first because of the timing, but Iggy explains that he needs to do this now. When Martin takes them, he tells Iggy that it seems like he’s taking this well. Iggy disagrees but explains that he knows what he wants now and ends his point by asking Martin on a date.

A Meeting

Lauren shows up at a meeting and thinks she sees Vanessa there. When it turns out to not be, she invites the girl to sit with her at the meeting and explains that she’s three-years sober. The girl is apprehensive, but Lauren explains that she asked God to let her help someone like herself today. They go and sit down together.

New Amsterdam is almost over. The two-hour series finale will be airing in two weeks on January 17. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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