‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Stable”

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Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

In this week’s episode of Tulsa King, “Stable,” Dwight returns to Tulsa and meets Waltrip, the FBI comes to town, Stacy continues to ride the fence with her allegiances, Tina’s suffers the consequences of Dwight’s decisions, and a new partnership is established.

The informant

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We learn that Roxy’s apparently working with the ATF, because she meets up with Stacy and Hendricks at a diner. When they ask her what information she has for them, she explains that Black Macadam got into some trouble with another crew. She goes on to say that their leader, this Italian guy from New York named Dwight, is the real deal, and he also shook down a local weed store. Stacy tries to move the conversation along, wanting to pull the focus off of Dwight, but Hendricks remembers that he’s the mob capo that the FBI warned them about. When he excuses himself from the table, Stacy tells Roxy that her job is to get information on Waltrip. She needs to talk to her boyfriend, Carson Pike, and get Waltrip to back off and cool the situation down.

Back at the office, Hendricks sits Stacy down and brings up Dwight’s file to give her a refresher, entirely unaware of her extracurricular activities with him. Despite her continued arguments that there’s no need to involve the FBI — she even tries to sway him by saying they’ll blow into town and take over all of their work on the case — he calls them anyway.


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Pete is out of the hospital, and Chickie’s furious that Dwight stormed in and killed Nico with no warning. He rants about how he’s out of control and completely off the reservation, but Pete isn’t ruffled. He reminds him that Dwight is his godfather. Vince suggests that they just take him out already, and Chickie doubles down by saying that includes Tina, too. This sets Pete off, and he slaps Chickie, telling him to just worry about himself. If he was even half the man Dwight is, the situation with Nico and Tina would have never happened in the first place.

Justifiable vengeance

Before leaving New York, Dwight stops back in at Tina’s shop, Nico’s blood still fresh on his hands. His daughter’s face falls in disbelief when he informs her that he’s gone. She’s angry, because she was handling the issue in her own way. But Dwight explains that Nico crossed a line that you can’t expect to come back from, and he scarred her for life. Tina’s bothered by the fact that Dwight feels nothing after murdering a man, and he makes it clear that he didn’t do this for himself. He did this for her.

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Later, someone calls Tina’s house, but when she picks up, they don’t answer, and the person on the other end hangs up after a few moments of silence. When Dwight calls her to check in and see how she’s doing, she tells him about the phone call. In turn, he wakes Goodie up with a call at 3 in the morning and asks if there’s something going on that he should know about. He insists that he come to Tulsa to talk things over, which Pete agrees with when he tells him later, even if Chickie thinks it’s a trap.

Back at home, Tina gets a phone call on their home line, but it’s silent. And the person on the other end hangs up. Later, Dwight calls her to check in. She tells him that someone called earlier and hung up. Dwight asks if she wants him to send anyone over. Let him know if it happens again. She thanks him for checking in. Dwight calls Goodie at 3 in the morning and asks if there’s something going on that he should know about. He tells him that he needs to come to Tulsa to talk about things, and although Chickie thinks it’s a trap when Goodie tells them all about it, Pete agrees that he should go see Dwight’s set up over there. Meanwhile, regardless of his father’s warning, Chickie jumps Tina’s husband when the family is out one evening.

Meeting Waltrip

Over at the ranch, Roxy casually asks Armand if Dwight would be interested in sitting down with Waltrip for a meeting. Dwight obliges him when he returns to Tulsa, and he brings Mitch along. The two stand and listen as Waltrip explains that he’s basically an interloper right now. However, Dwight suggests that because neither of them are actually from Tulsa, they should be able to share the land. Waltrip condescendingly states that if he had simply asked him for permission and offered him a cut, events wouldn’t have unfolded as such. Seemingly unconcerned, Dwight essentially tells them that they can’t do anything about what he chooses to do.

Should I stay or should I go?

Dwight meets up with Stacy at a bowling alley, who demands to know what he’s actually doing in Tulsa, because the FBI is all over him right now. She lets him in the fact that they have wire taps in New York, so she already knows vague details about Nico and Tina. Aggravated, she reminds him that she, a federal agent, shouldn’t be consorting with him, a known felon. She’s two years away from her pension. Before Dwight leaves, he asks her point blank if she wants him to stay or go. When she doesn’t respond, he takes her silence as a yes.

However, Stacy’s hot and cold feelings for Dwight hit a wall when she calls him later and tells him that she has an idea. He can help her take down Waltrip if he tries to buy guns off of him. Dwight isn’t interested in scheming, though, even if it means that he’s risking another 25 years in prison with his current business activities.

The FBI comes to town

The Higher Plane is closed until further notice as Bodhi chills out at home following his run-in with Black Macadam — purposefully ignoring Dwight’s calls — but his peace is interrupted when the FBI comes knocking at his front door. They proceed to raid the weed shop.

Bodhi makes his way to Bred 2 Buck later, where Dwight, Mitch, Armand, and Tyson are talking about what to do over dinner. He’s exasperated as he tells them that the FBI interrogated him and raided the shop — they took all of his cash and product. At Dwight’s insistence, Mitch pats him down to make sure he’s not wearing a wire, but Bodhi didn’t turn on them. He told the feds that they’re business partners. And as Mitch walks out from the back with large duffel bags in his hands, he’s thrilled to learn that they saved his stash before the FBI could get to it.


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One of Dwight’s latest investments this episode is the mysterious white horse that trots around town sometimes. The waitress at the café, Spencer (Stallone’s daughter), tells him that Pilot is going to be put down because he keeps escaping the barn he lives at. Dwight buys the horse for her and has Armand pick it up to bring it to Fennario Ranch, much to Margaret’s displeasure. She informs him that despite the wad of cash he’s waving at her, this is a working ranch, and she doesn’t board pets. She firmly tells him that he has a week to find proper arrangements.

A new partnership

Bred 2 Buck has cleared out for the night, and Mitch, Dwight, and Babe are the only ones left. Taking note of the state of the bar when one of the beer tap handles breaks off, Dwight casually notes that perhaps it’s time to renovate the place, and he asks Mitch if he’s ever considered taking on a partner. Mitch would, if he ever met anyone dumb enough to do it.

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The three of them prepare to head out, but when Mitch hits the lights, someone begins firing shots into the building. After checking on his dad, Mitch grabs his gun from behind the counter, and he and Dwight run outside, quickly shooting and killing Carson Pike. As they stand over his body in the parking lot, Mitch turns to Dwight and tells him that he thought over his offer, and he’s got himself a partner.

Episode 6 of Tulsa King is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps. In case you missed it, the series was recently renewed for a second season.

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