‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “Daughter of Ferrix”


This week marks the penultimate episode of the first season of Andor, “Daughter of Ferrix.” Following the prison escape, Cassian and Melshi make their way to Niamos, unaware of the loss that has occurred back on Ferrix. Meanwhile, Syril Karn’s thirst for revenge continues, Mon Mothma finds herself in a difficult situation, and Luthen has a dangerously close run-in with the Empire.

Back to Niamos

After escaping from the Imperial facility, Cassian and Melshi unfortunately still need to get off of Narkina 5. Still shoeless and donning their prison outfits, they find a small encampment with an old ship parked off to the side, but when they make a run for it, the two creatures there easily catch them in a net. However, when they realize they have a shared hatred for the Empire (the aliens are angry that the prison has spoiled the planet’s water), they surprisingly set Cassian and Melshi free and even give them a ride to Niamos. Upon his return to the beach world, Cassian sneaks back into the place where he was staying before in order to retrieve the case he hid in the bathroom with his credits and blasters (and Nemik’s manifesto).

A life lost

Back on Ferrix, Maarva has sadly succumbed to her illness and passed. The town, and especially her droid B2EMO, all mourn her as they prepare for her funeral. The Imperial officers stationed there contact Dedra to discuss what has happened, and she encourages them to allow them to have a permit to close Rix Road for the funeral. She believes they can use this to their advantage.

Elsewhere, Cinta still patiently awaits Cassian’s return, and the Empire continues to hold Bix hostage. Despite her usual resilience, Bix seems far worse for wear now after the torture they put her through. They bring her out for another round of questioning, this time showing her an image of Anto Kreegyr, and they ask her if this is the man she introduced Cassian Andor to.

Mon Mothma’s struggles


Vel arrives at Luthen’s shop and demands that Kleya tell her where Luthen is because she has information for him. Kleya says she’ll pass on the message about Maarva’s death. Afterward, Vel stops in to see her cousin again, and Mon finally tells her exactly what kind of trouble she’s gotten herself into.

Last year, Mon was pulling 100,000 credits from the family trust without a trace. However, a few months ago, a banker from back home warned her that Imperial inspectors might be taking a closer look at Chandrilan accounts. She ended up with one empty ledger at the end of the line that was off-balance. After Adlhani, everything was suddenly frozen, and now Mon is still missing 400,000 credits. Davo Sculdun’s offer may be her only choice.

Revenge awaits

Syril’s mother wakes him up in the middle of the night because someone is calling him — it’s Sergeant Mosk from Morlana One. He informs him about Maarva’s death because it means that Cassian might return to Ferrix for the funeral. Syril grows frantic when the connection goes out before Mosk can tell him when the funeral is.

A close call


Luthen pays another visit to Saw Gerrera, who has finally decided that he’ll participate in the raid on Spellhaus. However, Luthen tells him he can’t because now the ISB is aware of Kreegyr’s plan. Saw is suspicious and angry to learn that Luthen hasn’t told Kreegyr any of this; he’s essentially sacrificing him and all the men he’s taking with him. But if they warn him, they’ll throw away a source that’s taken years to cultivate. They argue, and Luthen pulls a blaster on him but Saw eventually relents and agrees that the decision is indeed being made for the greater good.

Afterward, once he’s back on his ship, Kleya reaches out to Luthen and tells him to come home. They discreetly discuss business, but they lose their connection when an Imperial patrol ship comes up behind him. Luthen provides them with fake identification, but rather than letting him go, the Imperials activate their tractor beam and begin to pull his ship in. Luthen tries to escape, but his Haulcraft isn’t strong enough to escape the pull of the tractor beam. However, he manages to shoot the beacon and destroy it, narrowly avoiding a TIE fighter pursuit and launching into hyperspace before they can catch him.

A somber call to Ferrix

Cassian reaches out to Xan on Ferrix and asks him to get a message to Maarva for him. He wants to tell her that he’s okay and thinking about her. He’ll be back soon. Unfortunately, Xan tells him that she’s dead.

Afterward, as they look out at the planet’s vast sea, Melshi wonders how many of the prisoners made it out alive. What if they’re the only ones who survived? He decides that they need to split up to double their chances because they have to spread the word and warn the rest of the galaxy about the true horrors of the Empire.

Episode 11 of Andor is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. The finale will premiere on Wednesday, November 23. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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