‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 “Romeo”

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In the seventh episode of Manifest‘s final season, Cal feels the need to live his life after getting news about his health, but with passengers getting killed, it proves to not be a good idea. Meanwhile, Ben follows Eden’s Calling, which could lead to a breakthrough to the divine consciousness as Jared and Michaela work together to find out just who is responsible for the passenger killings.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Romeo,” directed by Manifest‘s own Josh Dallas!

Living Life


Back at home, Cal wakes up on the porch with Zeke waiting for him. He tells Cal he needs to see a doctor because he does not look very good. However, Cal can smell the alcohol on Zeke’s breath. Zeke brings the subject back to Cal when he mentions him collapsing, which is serious. He can sense he’s worried. Cal doesn’t want to get checked out and is adamant about it. With Eden being back home, the last thing his family needs is to stress out all over again.

Cal and Zeke meet with Saanvi’s ex, Alex, and after running some tests, she tells them that Cal’s symptoms are consistent with falling out of remission. She suggests he lives his life and not focus on this right now.

Despite Ben wanting Cal to stay in following Anna’s death, Cal is following the doctor’s orders and living his life.

Cal meets up with passenger Violet, who returns his coat after he gave it to her at the compound. She offers to buy him a drink, and Cal agrees. The two sing karaoke, and it’s definitely a fun sight to see since Cal hasn’t been able to be happy lately. Unfortunately, his coughing cuts karaoke short, but he’s still having a good time. He tells Violet he’s actually Cal, and Violet admits she helped Angelina a year ago. She worked at a daycare, so she hooked her up. She feels bad, but Cal assures her that she’s a good person; Angelina had them all fooled.

Dealing With Pain

When Zeke picks up Cal’s medicine from Alex, he admits he has been sober for 18 hours. He admits he’s been so focused on making other peoples’ pain go away that he forgot about himself. His pain. And how he has no room left to process it. He hasn’t even told Michaela he’s relapsed. Zeke is afraid of how Michaela will take it when he tells her, but he’s even more scared of how she’ll react if she finds out through other means.

Alex confesses she was waiting at JFK the day that 828 was supposed to land.

“Secrecy breeds pain, Zeke.”

Zeke goes back to AA, knowing it’s the right thing to do.

Another One Bites the Dust

The Registry is freaking out over the latest murder, and Drea tells Michaela about Anna. Michaela tells Drea about her red X Calling. She doesn’t think this killer is close to being done. Drea assures her she’ll talk to the captain and see what she can do about getting the 828ers protection.

Michaela calls Ben to tell him about Anna. She says that two 828 murders are not random, unless there’s another connection between Sam and Anna they missed.

“I hope so, for all our sakes.”

Zeke and Cal get back from the doctor’s, and Ben immediately hugs Cal, relieved he’s okay and ashamed about what he said the previous night. He tells them about Anna’s murder and that Cal needs to lay low. After getting his bleak diagnosis, Cal doesn’t like the fact that he can’t do anything.

Jared meets with Michaela so they can check out Sam’s place again to see if they missed anything. They talk with his neighbor, who tells them about the stalking and vandalism. It cost her a babysitting job. She says that a lady and her daughter were staying with him. Michaela brings up a photo of Eden, and she says that was the kid.

Connected Killings

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Michaela calls Drea to tell her that Anna and Sam both took in Angelina at some point. She thinks Angelina is out on a killing spree against anyone who helped her or didn’t help her enough. Drea says she’s not staying at her psycho mom’s place in Westchester; the Registry got a hold of it. Michaela thinks she may be able to get something out of Noelle that the police weren’t able to, so Drea gives her the address but warns her to be cautious.

After arriving at Noelle’s house, Michaela tries to talk to her, but she is not willing to talk about her daughter. She blames Michaela for how Angelina turned out, saying she tried to protect the world from her fallen angel and she was doing a fine job until she took her away.

Jared and Michaela check out the morgue, and after the coroner tells them some of the details about X’s being marked on the hands and the killer being between 130-135 pounds, Michaela thinks the killer is an Xer.

Michaela shows Jared some of the posts against 828ers, including one saying that all passengers should be marked with blood.

They discover that the guy, Greg Turner, isn’t allowed to be within 50 feet of any passenger and start trailing him. They find him arriving at passenger Chris Levins’ house. After he gets out his backpack, Michaela and Jared realize someone’s home, so they ambush him. Michaela gets a text from Drea and tells Jared he’s not their guy. Someone just stabbed a third passenger to death. The serial killer is still out there.

“Hunting us.”

At home, Ben finally tells Michaela he’s going to be figuring this all out with her, and Michaela wonders why she saw a bloody X if it’s not going to lead them to the next victim or the killer. They start going through the Calling, and after Ben draws an X, Michaela sees blood dripping from it. She realizes it’s a cross and figures out that the Calling did lead her to the right house, just the wrong person.

Jared frantically comes over looking for Cal, telling him, Ben, and Michaela the Registry knows who the killer is. He shows them security footage of the suspect with the victim before he walks out of the frame, indicating that Violet was the passenger who was killed. Jared says Cal needs to run now before Gabriel is arrested.


Saanvi is at the Bird’s Nest bright and early, which worries Vance since she’s been working nonstop. She brings up sapphire potentially being the key, but Vance tells her she needs to take care of herself. Saanvi is only focused on the passengers and the fact there may be a way for them to make it past 2024.

There’s a flashback, and Saanvi explains the Death Date to her parents. Her mom doesn’t accept it, and Saanvi tells her dad that she would do anything for more time. He suggests she tries looking for a way, but there’s no one to help her.

“There’s no way to right the Lifeboat. Passengers keep doing awful things.”

Saanvi’s father thinks it’s not about righting the Lifeboat but instead finding another way.

At the Bird’s Nest, Saanvi takes apart a laser that uses sapphire lenses, as she thinks she could use that. If they can tune into the Callings, they’d have an all-access pass to unlimited Callings.

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Eden is still having a hard time adjusting, but when she’s drawing on a doll house, Ben sees letters that spell out ALNI. He thinks she’s having a Calling. His dad talks him into solving the Calling while he stays to watch her, which is something he is more than happy to do since he hasn’t seen his granddaughter in two years.

Ben arrives at ALNI, Assisted Living Neuroscience Institute. He tells the receptionist he’s looking for a place for his father, and with the place being short-staffed, she allows him to take a quick look around.

Since Ben doesn’t know exactly what he’s looking for, he tries every room until he gets to one with patients in it, familiar ones that were being experimented on. Saanvi gets to the institute, and Ben tells the receptionist she’s his wife (he even gives her a peck on the lips to prove it). He takes her into the room, and Saanvi sees the detained passengers. Eden’s Calling lead him to them. A nurse comes in and kicks them out.

They wait outside the room and try to talk the nurse into letting Saanvi look at the charts. They tell him they were on 828 with them, and Ben barges into the room, pointing out all of the passengers and their names. He spots Marko, who had a connection with Cal when he was getting experimented on. Ben says that Eden lead him there for a reason. To remember. He has to help all of them. He asks Marko to forgive him, and there’s a sign that he’s conscious. They’re all awake.

With help from the nurse, Saanvi grabs the files of the detained passengers, and their scans all start glowing. Saanvi later tells Ben about what happened. She mentions the light from the scans wasn’t just a beam. It was pointing straight up like an antenna … like an antenna to the glow. She realizes the detained passengers have a direct connection to the divine consciousness. Saanvi says the Major did this to them. She somehow figured out a way to tune the detainees into the God frequency.

If Saanvi could figure out how the Major did this, she would know both what to do and what not to do. Maybe they can figure out how to survive the Death Date. Eden’s Calling lead them to his.

“She’s a chip off the old block.”

When Ben gets home, Eden runs up to him and takes his hand. She grabs his stickered name tag from ALNI and sticks it on her stuffed animal. For the first time since being home, Eden calls Ben “Daddy.” Ben tells her that she reminded him they’re all in the same Lifeboat, and he might just have a chance to see her grow up.

After not finding anything pertaining to sapphire in the detainees’ files, Vance suggests Saanvi calls Dr. Gupta since she ran the initial intake exams.

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