‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “Full Upright & Locked Position”


The 828 killer closes in on its next victim (or victims) in episode 8 of Manifest‘s fourth and final season. As Ben tries to clear Cal’s name, Michaela and Jared try to find Noelle, and sapphire becomes a big key to the divine consciousness.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Full Upright & Locked Position.”

Clearing Cal’s Name


After Jared tips off the Stones that Cal is about to be arrested for Violet’s murder, Cal tells Michaela that Violet helped Angelina with baby stuff. Michaela tries to stop Ben from leaving with Cal, but he doesn’t listen since he knows that if they turn him into the Registry, they’ll track his DNA. Unfortunately, the Registry shows up before they leave, and Cal is arrested.

Ben shows up at the Registry, and Captain Fahey tells him that they’ll run a background check on him. If Gabriel has nothing to hide, there’s no worry. Once the coast is clear, Drea trashes Cal’s fingerprints. Jared tries to talk to Captain Fahey about “Gabriel,” but he won’t listen.

Drea catches Ben up on Cal’s situation. Although she trashed the fingerprints, she’s worried about the DNA results. She tells Ben he has to get Cal out of there before the tech shows up to draw blood.

Music is Always the Answer


Cal’s being interrogated and recalls his day with Violet, getting emotional. While waiting for Cal, Ben hears the microwave making sounds and flashes back to Radd, the violinist he ran into in Times Square whose son was in danger. He visits Radd, who also had the Calling. Radd tells Ben that he turned the music they heard in their last Calling into a composition for his son. Ben heard the beginning, and Radd heard the ending. They just need to find the middle, which Radd wrote for Ben.

“You were the connection we needed.”

While Ben and Radd are going over the bridge, the piano starts playing by itself. The numbers Radd wrote on the paper above the notes are glowing. The numbers start with a New York area code, and when Ben calls the number, Alex is on the other end. Ben tearfully asks her if his son is sick again, and although she doesn’t outright say it, she apologizes, saying that this isn’t how anyone should receive news. Radd figures that they can argue that the Registry doesn’t have resources to care for him, and Alex tells Ben to meet her down there.

At the Registry, as Cal’s blood is being drawn, Alex, Ben, and Radd try to get him released. And they do, in the nick of time, too.

Ben has a tearful reunion with Cal, who sees Alex behind him. Cal tells his dad he has enough to worry about, but Ben tells him that he is his son. And he will always be his father even when he’s not being the father he should be.

Next on the List

Michaela, Zeke, and Jared try to figure out who is next on Noelle’s hit list. Since the Stones took her in first, they’re a target. Jared offers to stay for protective detail until he can get a partner to show up, and Drea texts Michaela with a hit on Adrian’s credit card. They figure out that Noelle’s going to go after Adrian next since he helped at the compound. Michaela and Zeke leave to check out the hotel where Adrian’s card was last reported.

While in the bathroom, Eagan gets a Calling, and there’s black mold everywhere. He opens the shower curtain and hears Adrian calling for help. Adrian, meanwhile, is tied to a chair at an undisclosed place, and Noelle brings Angelina as her latest capture. The two try to escape, and when Angelina does, she leaves Adrian.

Michaela and Zeke show up at Adrian’s hotel room, but he’s nowhere to be found. However, they find a pill bottle on the nightstand and a towel with chloroform on it. Eagan walks in, and after Zeke gets a good reading of him, Michaela tells him about Noelle. Eagan thinks that Noelle is coming for him and wants to go with Michaela and Zeke. He tells them about his Calling, and Michaela reluctantly gives in.

At the Registry, Drea tells Jared that she’s all over Noelle and that the family has contracts with construction sites all over the boroughs for a business. She discreetly gives him the address of the headquarters. Michaela and Jared question someone at headquarters, who tells them that after Noelle inherited the company, she sold off all of their projects. Jared flashes his badge and asks to look at the project files to see where Noelle might be.

As they’re going through the thousands of files, Jared sees one for a site that has a box but no active job list. The worker tells him and Michaela that the place got shut down by the city, but it should still be on the list. He tells them that there was black mold, and Michaela realizes it’s just like Eagan’s Calling.

Michaela, Jared, and Vance get to the address as Noelle puts water over Adrian. They find black mold everywhere and hear Adrian pleading for help. After hearing footsteps, Noelle nearly drowns Adrian in the bucket of water, and Jared arrests her. Vance gets Adrian back to life. However, Drea calls Michaela to break the news that Noelle isn’t the killer. She got camera stills of Noelle driving through the toll booth on the GW Bridge during the time of Violet’s murder.

The Lengths a Parent Would Go


Zeke reads Eden a bedtime story, and when he leaves the room, he feels an intense pain again. Michaela calls Zeke to warn him about the killer, and Zeke tells her they’re already there. Olive checks for the cop, and Zeke comforts Eden. A cop is at the backdoor when Olive locks it, and she opens up the door, telling him about the intruder. He has Olive stand behind him while he checks the house. When Zeke gets downstairs, he realizes that the cop is Angelina’s dad, Kenneth. Zeke fights Kenneth while Olive runs toward Eden. The gun goes off, and Zeke is shot in the leg, which gives Kenneth the opportunity to go upstairs.

Olive waits for Kenneth to come around the corner, and she smashes something over the head and then pushes him out the window. Later, Michaela tells Olive she did the right thing, and although she tells Michaela she knows, it’s clear that part of her will never let go of this.

All About Sapphires


Dr. Gupta arrives at the Bird’s Nest, and Saanvi tells her she thinks the detainees are stuck in a constant state of the Calling. She’s hoping Gupta can help her safely replicate the Major’s protocols so she can avoid her mistakes. Gupta admits she copied the Major’s files before they were locked out of Eureka. She gives Saanvi the flash drive.

They look over Marko’s scans, and when Saanvi sees that one includes sapphire, Gupta reveals that the Major knew about sapphire. She used sapphire to generate Callings. Saanvi sees a note that indicates that other forms of sapphire were used. Though whatever sapphire the Major was using, it got results. Gupta shows Marko’s drawings, which got more prominent each time the Major increased the Calling. The more pain, the clearer the Calling.

Saanvi calls Olive to tell her about the sapphire, and when Olive mentions Eagan and his Calling, Saanvi suggests she test her theory on someone that has a photographic memory. When Eagan gets to the Bird’s Nest, Vance still has a grudge and doesn’t so much like it, but he’s saving passengers, so he’ll allow it. After they do a test, which is intense as ever, Saanvi tells him his brain scans did light up, but all Eagan saw was a few seconds of bright light.

Peter Kramer/Netflix

Olive and Zeke go over the sapphire and the files that Saanvi sent over. She later has tracked down all of the Omega Sapphires she could find, and the Oracle of Delphi did use one, but she found a lead on the last remaining one. She tells Saanvi it’s in a place called Ağri Daği in 2013. Saanvi realizes that Ağri Daği is what the Turkish renamed Mount Ararat. That’s where they found the fragment of Noah’s Ark. It was imbued with sapphire and Saanvi threw it into the fissure.

“I literally threw away my only shot at generating a Calling.”

With the Stone household healing after an eventful night, Olive gets a text from TJ (after she just left him a voicemail) telling her to come outside. She sees him get out of a cab, and they run toward each other. He tells her he’s been looking for the same thing in Egypt. It might be in New York.

“It really is all connected.”

After seeing Marko’s drawings, Eagan shows up at the Masonic Temple of the Omega Order. He’s been there before, but now he actually wants to volunteer. Or, instead, he wants to find the Omega Sapphire.

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