‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 5 “Squawk”


We are at the halfway point of season 4 part 1 of Manifest, and it is a lot. With Ben being held captive at Adrian’s compound, it’s up to the others to save him. Once Angelina discovers that Ben is there, she only gets worse and puts the passengers through their own trial by fire. Meanwhile, Zeke and Cal deal with their own illnesses. Will Ben and Eden be saved?

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Squawk.”

Missing Pieces

There’s a frantic knock at the door in the middle of the night, and when Michaela and Zeke open it, it’s Vance wondering where Ben is. He tells them about the deal with Eagan and realizes Ben told his family nothing. Vance says that Ben is going to get himself killed going wherever he went alone. It’s already been two hours since he last heard from him.

Michaela, Zeke, Cal, and Olive go through Ben’s things in the attic. Olive manages to break into Ben’s laptop, but all information has been wiped. And the only person that can find Ben is Eagan. Michaela offers to talk to him in the morning; for now, they all worry.

“There’s no way this ends well.”

Eagan doesn’t want to see Michaela, but he gave a guard a note to give to Michaela, which says that if Ben doesn’t trust her, he doesn’t either.

Wanting to help, Cal and Olive show up at the Bird’s Nest. When Cal has a coughing attack, he plays it off that it’s just dry weather but Saanvi notices he never got around to sampling his scar. Olive tells Saanvi and Logan about the divine consciousness Calling, and Logan figures they put the wrong passenger in the machine.

Everything Is Not What It Seems


Jared pulls up to Adrian’s compound and asks him about Erika. He questions her about the fertilizer she bought and takes a look around. Ben, meanwhile, is trapped inside a room, tied up.

After Jared checks out the greenhouse, Adrian wonders about the fertilizer. He tells Erika that trust is a two-way street, but she brings up Ben. When Jared gets home, he tells Drea that while everything checked out, he still has this nagging feeling that something isn’t right.

Michaela gets home and has another Calling; there’s bees everywhere. It suddenly stops. Michaela realizes she saw one in Ben’s room, which lands on Erika’s picture on the passenger board. She calls Drea for intel on her and tells her about the Calling and how Ben is missing. Drea says she has the answer.

“I know where Ben is.”

Jared, Michaela, and Zeke stake out the compound. With Jared checking things out, Michaela and Zeke get closer. They see a window with numbers and letters written in blood. Michaela realizes that Ben is alive, and he wrote out seat numbers.

In the greenhouse, meanwhile, Jared finds a bomb. He finds Michaela and Zeke and tells them about the bomb. Jared calls the bomb squad, but it could be a while. Cal, Vance, and Emmett show up, and Cal is determined to go in alone. He assures Michaela it’s going to be okay. This is how it has to be.

A Father’s Motivation

Peter Kramer/Netflix

Eden follows a bee downstairs and opens a door to follow it. It’s an emotional sight to see as the door opens into the room where Ben is held. With tears in his eyes, Ben tries to tell Eden, “It’s Daddy.” Angelina finds her, telling her she can’t run off like that. She sees Ben and tells Eden they’re playing the invisible game. The man in front of her is a bad man. Ben struggles to get free as Angelina walks away with his baby girl.

Ben hears Grace’s voice in his head to save Eden, and he tells her he promises. When a guy, Donovan, comes down to bring food, Ben tries to tell him about Angelina and Eden, but since the two are presumed to be dead, he doesn’t believe him.

“I just want my daughter back.”

Ben says if he keeps listening to Adrian and ignoring the Callings, it won’t end well. He assures Donovan he can save the others, but he leaves.

Ben manages to break free, but the door is locked, and the window is up too high. He later hears Eden’s voice through a vent. She’s repeating what Angelina told her.

Bad Person

Angelina gets it into Eden’s head that Ben is a bad man. Erika comes up to the room to tell Angelina she was there when Adrian called her his blessed angel. She believes in all angels. Erika shows Angelina a bomb, telling her that there’s one in every room.

Donovan asks Adrian if Angelina and the baby she kidnapped are upstairs. He admits he had no choice but he’ll get rid of her. Angelina overhears and thinks back to when she took Eden. Her mom comes into the room and tells her she needs help. She kicks Angelina out, telling her she’s dead to her.

When Angelina gets back to Eden, they’re both in a Calling with very special snow. She realizes why they’re there. The deceivers will perish. The passengers no longer trust Adrian, so Angelina comes forward, reminding them that they are connected. She takes out the detonator, and Adrian realizes that Erika made bombs.

“Today is your day of judgment.”

Angelina tells them this is their trial by fire. If Eden saves them, they are worthy. Adrian tells Angelina that Eden is just a child. She flashes back to that night, standing on a bridge over the water. To find salvation. Eden calls Angelina “Mama,” and she decides not to jump but throws the backpack over.

Adrian tells her she can stop this; she doesn’t need blood on her hands. Though she reminds him that in the Calling, Adrian had blood on his hands. As Angelina goes off on Adrian, Donovan finds Ben and tells him that he was right. Erika knocks him over the head and tells Ben he’s not going anywhere.

This is How it Has to Be


Snow starts falling inside the compound. Angelina says the trials will test that their faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. Cal opens the door, and Angelina realizes he’s the Moses to her Aaron. The two get to a quiet place where they can talk, and Michaela, Jared, and Zeke find Ben. He tells them about Eden, and Jared promises they’ll take care of Donovan.

Cal tells Angelina about what happened and how he thinks what happened to him was punishment. He keeps her distracted while Michaela gets the passengers and Ben finds Eden. Michaela manages to get the passengers out, and Adrian tells him he’s doing a quick sweep to look for Erika, and then he’s out.

Ben finds Eden in her bed and puts a hat on her. Eden wakes up and calls for Angelina. Ben grabs her and runs towards the door, but Angelina stops him. She threatens to use the detonator, and Cal tells Ben to run out; he remembers. He holds Angelina back while Ben runs out the door after she’s pressed the button. Before he can go back in, the place explodes. Cal comes out safe. Angelina and Adrian, however, do not come out.

Zeke later feels a powerful emotion, turning around to see Erika with a shotgun. She aims it at Michaela, and he grabs Jared’s gun, shooting Erika multiple times.

That night, Adrian finds Angelina in the middle of the street and brings her to his car, telling her that blood is on his hands. Snow falls, and Adrian drives off.

Safe and Sound

The family is back together again, safe and sound, Eden included.

With the fire going, Olive, Ben, and Cal sit on the couch, with Eden sleeping in Olive’s lap. She admits she’s afraid to go to sleep, and Ben tells Cal that he saved them all. Ben asks what he means by “I remembered,” and Cal says he knew that the detonator wasn’t going to go off. Like it happened before. Ben stares at Grace’s picture, smiling, knowing he kept the promise.

Divine Consciousness

Saanvi meets with Troy, who has an fMRI machine, but after testing her theory about the black box and how the passengers could somehow use ULF to communicate, she comes up empty.

After figuring they tested the wrong passenger, Cal goes into the fMRI machine. But while using it, Cal gets a Calling. He hears a baby crying, and he sees Ben and Eden. He tells Olive, Saanvi, and Vance what he saw and that he knows where they are. Vance tells him he’ll go since Ben is already out looking for one kid. But it’s Cal’s Calling; he’s going.

Saanvi, Olive, and Troy look over Cal’s brain scans. His memory center lit up right when he was having the Calling. Olive thinks that Cal was remembering something from when they were in the glow. Divine consciousness. Have they had this wrong the whole time? Are their Callings really memories?

Cal continues coughing, and it gets worse, as he coughs up blood.

Too Much

Peter Kramer/Netflix

While at work, Zeke tries to get a reading on someone, but it proves to be too much for him. His colleague gives him the day off so he can rest since Zeke tells her he’s just distracted.

Michaela later talks to Zeke about what happened with Erika, and he says his instincts just took over. She’s safe; that’s all that matters.

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