‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “Relative Bearing”


In the sixth episode of Manifest‘s fourth season, Ben is having a hard time trying to get Eden to see him as her dad and not as a bad person, but after Cal makes a surprising decision, it could bring a rift in the family. Meanwhile, Jared and Zeke both deal with the aftermath of what happened at the compound, Michaela follows a Calling involving a passenger’s death, and Olive gets closer to figuring out the divine consciousness.

Keep reading to find out what happened on “Relative Bearing.”

New Surroundings


As Olive and Cal are talking, Ben comes into the room, and Eden wakes up, still not used to everything. Ben figures it’s going to take time and says he’s going to find some of her old baby things.

Michaela asks Ben about Eden, and although it’s still a work in progress, he’s just happy that he has her back. Michaela hugs her brother, apologizing. Eden being home is all that matters. She tells him that the Registry kept bringing up questions about Angelina and until her body is found, if she is dead, they should keep their guard up.

Cal and Olive watch Eden, who is drawing a picture for her “Mommy,” a phrase that Cal still can’t believe. Ben brings in a bunch of Eden’s old toys, and she tells him that her mommy says she’s a bad man.

Ben tells Olive about what Eden thinks of him and shows her the drawing of the “bad man.” He thinks it’s time to lose the beard, and Olive is all for it. Ben thinks of Grace since she always helped him with his beard, and Olive volunteers to take over.

“I see so much of her in you.”

A freshly-shaved Ben welcomes Anna into the house, who brought some clothes and other items for Eden so Ben can find some way to reach her, so she feels safe. Anna sees Eden and talks to her.

Fake Mother’s Touch

Ben gets a call from Angelina, wanting to talk to Eden. He quickly hangs up after she tries giving him advice about his own daughter. Anna finishes with Eden, telling Ben that she’s still upset, but with time, it will change.

Olive shows Eden a book, and while she was about to tell Ben about some mythology, he tells her they should work with what’s in front of them. No Callings. He shows Eden the new him, but she still wants her mommy.

Cal talks to Angelina on the phone, and she pleads to talk to Eden. She tells Cal things about Eden. When she asks again to talk to her, Cal gives in under one condition: she tells her that her dad loves her and he always has; he’s a good man.

Angelina sings to Eden, and Ben comes in the room, immediately grabbing the phone and hanging up. Ben later asks Cal why he did what he did, and Cal says he just wanted to help. Ben tells him that he doesn’t want Angelina anywhere near the family. For some reason, he can’t understand; Cal and Angelina are connected. He doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to keep her out.

Cal tells his dad he’s been trying for two years to get him to love him, and although Ben says he does, Cal doesn’t believe him. Cal later goes off on his own.


Peter Kramer/Netflix

Jared’s on the scene of the compound fire with other officers, who question him about the bullet holes in Erika.

After Jared promises to run the Ballistics, he gets into a van with Vance and Emmett. While they’ve been able to make it look like Xers did the fire, Jared tells them this isn’t fixable no matter what they do. He says his gun has never been test-fired, so it won’t be a match. Vance tells him to do the right thing. But for Jared, Vance shouldn’t be the one talking.

“Your moral compass is screwed up.”

Jared gets out of the van, and Vance tells him if he was him, he’d lose the casings.

At the Registry, Jared is told to surrender is gun since Ballistics came back and matched an NYPD issue. They have reason to believe Jared was at the compound at that time. He finds Michaela outside and tells her, despite it being Zeke who pulled the trigger.

We flashback to when Jared told his dad that he lost his gold shield after what he did. While he’s no longer a detective, his dad tells him he still has his respect.

Vance and Emmett show up to the Registry with an advanced copy of the Ballistics report, with the casings and bullets matching a different gun. Vance tells Jared that no one is taking the fall, as the gun has never been manufactured. Erika’s death will just be a cold case that will get colder.

A World of Pain

Cal is still coughing, but he promises Zeke he’s okay. Zeke, on the other hand, absorbed a “boatload” of rage. He never thought he’d be responsible for taking a life. Zeke still blames himself for Chloe, and Cal assures him that Chloe was not his fault.

Michaela calls Zeke, worried about him after last night’s events. She tells him to be careful. There’s a lot of pain in the world, and he can’t take it all on.

At work, Zeke tries to feel a patient’s pain, and it again becomes too much for him. He goes over the edge and grabs him, putting him against the wall. His boss comes in to stop him and tells him to get his things.

Zeke gets a more intense emotion and stumbles down the street after going to a liquor store. He collapses after falling over Cal, who is unconscious.

“X” Marks the Spot

Peter Kramer/Netflix

At the Registry, Michaela gets a Calling involving fish. She later admits to Ben she had the Calling in front of a case worker and almost got caught. Her Calling was like an aquarium. Ben tells her there’s a passenger who owns an aquarium supply with his wife. Sam Wile. He takes out his file and writes down the address so Michaela can check it out.

“The Lifeboat needs you.”

Michaela gets to Sam’s house, and the door is open. She sees mini aquariums broken all over the place and Sam dead on the ground. She calls Jared, and he notices an X on Sam, and after taking a closer look, he realizes he knows him.

We flashback to when the 828 Registry likely opened, as it is surrounded by protestors. Sam tries to get through, but he’s being stopped. An officer grabs Sam and basically has him in a chokehold until Jared stops him. The officer, who thinks 828ers are freaks, pushes Sam while walking past him, and Jared punches him.

In the present, it’s like Michaela and Jared are partners again, working a crime scene, having playful banter. She tells him they could work on this case and be one step ahead of the Registry. They have Drea bring the wife into the Registry and waylay her outside.

Michaela and Jared talk to Mrs. Wile outside the Registry, and she tells them that she and Sam divorced six months ago because he was too kind. Drea updates them on the search at the house, but there was nothing found. Since Sam took money out of the business, it’s possible that was the motive, so Jared has Michaela call Drea to pull up the bank records.

Drea and Jared go over the bank statements but nothing is out of the ordinary. Like clockwork, he withdrew two grand in cash and then checked in at the Registry. Michaela figures there’s someone on the inside. Drea keeps digging.

Inside Job

Drea calls with some information. She says that every Registry entry is coded with the investigator’s initials. It was the same investigator every time. It was Captain Ted Colvin, who just took Jared’s gun. Drea investigates his office and breaks into a file cabinet. She takes pictures of some wads of cash and sends it to Michaela and Jared. She looks through Colvin’s jacket and finds Sam’s wedding ring. Drea heads to internal affairs before he catches her. Unfortunately, he knows she has the ring, and she’s stopped on the roof.

Michaela and Jared are a distance away on the roof, and Jared moves in. Colvin is more than willing to turn himself in since he’s not the only one who’s taken the money. Colvin promises a better deal for Jared, but he doesn’t give in. Michaela tackles Colvin, and Jared arrests him.

Although Michaela is free to go, she gets another Calling with a bloody X on the wall. Unfortunately, she can’t hide it, and she’s put into Holding and is tested on.

Anna hears something at her door and she gets stabbed and is killed.

How to Save a Lifeboat

With Eden resting, Cal tells Olive that he had a Calling during the explosion. The Lifeboat is sinking, and they are helpless to stop it. Olive reminds him that he has to follow the Callings in order to save the Lifeboat. Cal says that he is following them, and this one made crystal clear that their memories, their Callings, they’re not enough to balance out what’s coming.

“They’re not enough to save the Lifeboat.”

Olive tells Cal that she’s been thinking about the divine consciousness. How they don’t have enough to save the Lifeboat. Eden was never in the glow, so she doesn’t have any memories to pull from, yet she still has Callings. Olive figures there’s another way to get information from the divine consciousness.

Olive calls TJ (!!!!), telling him she thinks she found something. She brings up the sapphire Saanvi found at Eureka and how it was the fingerprint to the miracle. There’s more to it. Moses was standing on sapphire when God gave him the Ten Commandments. The Oracle of Delphi used sapphire to get her prophecies. Whenever humans have been in communication with the divine, it was thanks to sapphire. She thinks the passengers can use sapphire for the Callings and get back to the divine consciousness. This could be what they can use to save the Lifeboat.

No Betrayals


Angelina shows up at her mother’s house, and she is relieved that she is alive.

Eagan is finally a free man, but he’s cornered by Adrian at a gas station restroom, not happy that he ratted him out. All Adrian wanted to do was help passengers. He admits he helped Angelina, and even after all he did, she didn’t let him stay for one night. Adrian knows she’ll slip up sooner or later. He shows Eagan a wanted poster that has a $20,000 reward for whoever turns her in.

“No more betrayals.”

Eagan shows up at Angelina’s mom’s house. He talks to her mom, trying to strike up a deal with her. All he wants is the reward money, and he’ll leave them alone. After some hesitation, she gives in.

Angelina’s mom later gives her a baptism and brings up Eagan, who shows up at a precinct with the poster.

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